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Does loot find stack?


Does loot find stack?

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  • Does loot find stack?

    Example: While using Bloodfinder A.C. can I equip Recon Scout A.C. in my squad bonus slots to get the "Support squad bonus: Loot find" for additional loot chance?

    It appears in the Heroes tab, as shown in the picture attached. But when I go to load into a lobby, the portrait of Recon Scout is visible but the bonus slot appears empty. Also in image attached.

    This could be a bug, or they may not stack. Not really sure. Either way figured I'd bring it up to hopefully clear some confusion.

    Further, does anyone know how the ability/mechanic works?
    is it off any "container" looted, is it based on pickaxe swings, does it apply to chests and whatnot? All of the above?
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    Update. Started using one of my other outlander with the "work work" bonus, it showed up in both screens, everything seemed good, then I decided to evolve her. Now the same thing happens, I get her portrait in the lobby screen but no bonus. But if I switch back to another outlander with the same ability and back the bonus shows up even with the upgraded hero.
    thinking there's clearly a glitch here.
    Whether or not the abilities do and are stacking is still in question, but something is definetly bugging.

    any chance a admin or mod could copy this into the bug reporting section? Not sure if it would be ok for me to make a second post on the same topic.


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      As far as I know it's anytime you get an item and it should stack yes.

      As for bugs Sword Master Ken when you evolve him loses his Fleet Ability until you level him at least once more so weirder things happen, and the game is pretty buggy, but you should report the bugs appropriately and in the proper section rather than mentioning them in an unrelated thread. More likely to get noticed that way.


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        Dwlr, I reported it via the feedback option in game as well as through an email already with photos for everything. When I originally made the post I wasn't sure if it was a bug or not, hense all the edits and update.


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          Same happens for me with Claus ninja. Her perk stop showing after switching her ,but after first game played it all goes ok. Same problem when i bought inventory space in event shop. It start showing after one match. All that occurs yesterday.


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            All support/tactical buffs that don't stack say they don't stack.

            If it doesn't say they don't, they do.