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Basic Guide for Leveling up in Save the World


Basic Guide for Leveling up in Save the World

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  • Basic Guide for Leveling up in Save the World

    Hey guys,

    I was bored and decided to make a really lengthy, but very informative video talking about how to increase your level (and do so effectively) for Save the World Fortnite. No fancy intro or quick clips, just a really detailed and thorough explanation.

    You can view the video here

    -- I know it's long, but it should give a really thorough explanation on what some people might find to be a somewhat confusing system. I also share some advice that might save you a lot of grief later on, and talk about what other people my level have done differently. Basically these are the things I wish I knew when I first started, and I hope it reaches the people who need it - if you can bear listening to me talk for as long as I do. Also be sure to read the video description as I forgot to mention a thing or two regarding saving skill points.

    Mainly this is for new players, or players who are in Plankerton and feel somewhat stuck at their level, but there's also a few tricks I learned that a lot of players might not have thought of. Anyways hope this helps someone :)

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    Watched the video, it was very well done and informative. Worth a watch for anyone new or someone who doesn't know what to prepare for in the later part of the game.