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    Ello guys and welcome to a new experiement I am trying. Over the course of the last few months, I've noticed a lot of the trading community being drowned by scammers and broken weapons (shuddered a little inside). So I came up with an effective method of garnering the resources I need as well as getting some good guns to people who need a bit of a pick me up so to speak. Thus, The Ruien Munitions was born.

    Yes, I have made a figurative shop in Fortnite and unlike the trading system now, my guns come at full durability with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed seal. I make Event Weapons, Limited Edition Weapons, Beast Roll weapons and so much more. If you can name the gun then I will have it or something that tops it.

    Why take my word for it, if you msg me on PSN (this is for PS4 Users by the way, sorry PC and XB1) at Hunterx500, I will screenshot my entire selection and you can browse them yourselves. My prices vary though, the guns are not cheap to make and I can't keep crafting without a return investment so to speak. My guns come at a pretty straight forward price though

    If the gun requires 30 Mechanical Parts, I will be asking for +15 on the price. If it requires less then the price will drop accordingly at a +50% pricing range. For the metal, the same goes. At 11 metal, it'll cost 17 pieces (yes I am using the higher margin but you'll see why) if it is less than 11, the same rule of +50% still applies. As for the rest of the materials, I will allow you to take off a metal in return for either the 3 coal/15 Blast Powder or 1 active Power Cell/1 Rotating Gizmo

    With this in mind, I also do resource exchange. My conversion rate is pretty simple. For every 5 piece of mechanical parts you bring me, I will give you one material of equal value (ie. 5 Rusty = 1 Copper, 5 Simple = 1 Silver, 5 Sturdy = 1 Malachite) For things like Planks or Rough Ore, those would be a 2-1 Ratio based on who needs what. (Ie if I need Planks then I will give you 2 ore for 1 plank etc) Nuts and Bolts are a universal Currency for all materials that are NOT Metal or MECHANICAL PARTS and as such, prices may rise or fall depending on my need of the material.

    I have a strict honor code between both parties as this is my business on the line. I am not a scammer, it is detrimental to my goals. I can only hope you as the potential consumer feel the same way.

    If you would like to learn more about my wares and potentially trade then msg me on PSN and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. I am a working Hunter and I can't spend my day on Fortnite regardless of how much I want to. If business picks up then I will form a queue and base it on who is online at the given moment.

    Thank you for listening and I hope you can give Ruiens Munitions a honest attempt. I have a really good storm shield that I love to show off so we can trade in style and comfort ^-^/

    Nicholas Ruien
    Ruien Munitions

    P.S: If you are interested in joining me in this endeavor, I am looking for people who are at least in Canny Valley and has at least 10 unique, Legendary Schematics (no more than 5 being Event/Limited Edition). Business partners will make 70 percent of all their trades as well as the ability to showcase their awesome weapons in a soon to be growing trading network. There are criteria for being a part of this but I will fill you in with time.