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Who is the best outlander?


Who is the best outlander?

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    Originally posted by DanceDanceBby View Post

    You say wild fragment deadeye is better then Enforcer Grizzly lol

    i mean yea he starts at 3 charge fragments

    but even with his 3 starting fragments i have a way higher combat score as Enforcer Grizzly then as wild fragment deadeye

    And me and my team barely have to waste ammo because my teddy as Enforcer Grizzly is doing the job with his 8 tile range teddy 50% extra fire rate and 25% extra damage+ 30% slowdown on enemies every teddy shot.

    but not only that chargers/takers can't even reach the base/players because they are killed before they can even reach it and they are also slowed down in the meantime.

    What? I never said Wild Fragment was better than Grizzly... but... imo he's just as viable just different. I think he's easily the best for fragments which means less downtime. Combat score is a terrible way of comparing heroes, there is waaaaay too many variables. Wild gets shorter downtime, easier fragments and higher HAD stat for turrets and punching thrash, enforcer gets that insane range and faster rate of fire, one lasts 5 seconds longer, the other is up 5 seconds faster. They kind of cancel each other out.

    I didn't give the test numbers etc because its just reams of boring nonsense but this is how just their Teddies compare if you're interested:

    All heroes at max lv (50/50) with SMS in Support slot, Empty Tac slot
    Enforcer Grizzly
    - Teddy does 4794 dmg per shot. 6 shots a second, 30% slow to enemies hit. 25 sec uptime. 8 tile range. Cooldown 60/40(frag). 0 starting, 1 per gather.
    Wild Fragment
    - Teddy does 6687 dmg per shot. 4 shots a second, 30% slow to enemies hit. 20 sec uptime. 4 tile range. Cooldown 60/30(frag). 3 starting, 50% chance at 2 frags per gather.

    So the differences are:
    Range: Enforcer gets 8 tile range, Wild Fragment gets 4.
    Fire rate and damage: Enforcer gets 6 a second at 4794 a shot, Wild Fragment gets 4 a second at 6687 a shot.
    Uptime: Enforcer has 25 secs. Wild Fragment has 20 secs.
    Downtime: Enforcer has 15 secs between bear with fragments. Wild Fragment has 10 secs between bears with fragments. Minus another 5 secs off each of you have Grizzled Veteran in Tac.
    Fragments: Wild Fragment can gather fragments very easily but suffers massively without fragments. The current fragment bug doesn't allow me to test this. With the bug EVERY bear is a fragment bear even if you have none for all outlanders after placing at least one Llama or Charge fragment. Without the bug it will lose 50% somewhere in the chain.

    Enforcer - 28,764 damage a second with Teddy -> 25 secs up, 15 secs down (10 with Grizz Vet in Tac)
    Wild Fragment - 26,748 a second with Teddy -> 20 secs up, 10 secs down (5 with Grizz Vet in Tac)
    They are comparable and not miles apart at all. Definitely not laughable, especially out loud ;)

    If you use Enforcer, and do well with him then awesome, keep using him. His shield and phase perks give him a lot more survivability and mobility. I still use Quinn after testing and seeing Reclaimer is arguably an all-round a better choice/easier time. I just don't like the look of either flurry or reclaimer and the differences aren't game breaking at all. I was just really curious to where Trailblazer stood and the rabbit hole kept going :)
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      Fragment Flurry Jess bring me to the TwinPeaks from Plankerton so i like her most. That tower damage is insane and spreading nicely. She can farm enough to compensate resources you spend on mission. Also bear with gadget tower and healing for me or buddies (now even ressurect). I find out that bear has smaller damage and impact on playstyle then tower. Also tower stun/stagger enemy.