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Teddy vs shock tower


Teddy vs shock tower

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    Teddy vs shock tower

    Hey all, so my questions are

    1) which is better? Teddy or shock tower

    And 2) are either of them viable end game? I'm not asking top DPS... Just able to at least hold their own.

    I really like teddy but I don't want to invest time in an outlander with teddy or shock tower if their DPS is moot

    Bonus question! 3) enforcer grizzly or trailblazer a.c.?

    Thanks in advance!

    I think both abilities are decent at killing depending on the Outlander you use.
    An Enforcer can kill all the small husks on the Battlefield and can keep up with Mist Monsters.
    An Outlander with a good Stock Tower (Shock Specialist, Trailblaster and the New one) can control a crowd really well.
    If you want the Outlander with the Best DPS then use Ranger. Their pistol perks are amazing.
    If you play TEDDY then always use a Commando in tactical.
    And if you play Shock Tower then use Shock Gunner (the New Outlander)

    Hope i could help.

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      For this to work you need alot of tech points. Alot. But with the right setup you can out dps everything. For example. Take Enforcer Grizzly with Shurikan Master for 20% ability dmg and Commando Spitfire for 5 sec more Teddy duration