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Guidelines: Posting Guides, Tips, and Tutorials

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Guidelines: Posting Guides, Tips, and Tutorials

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    Guidelines: Posting Guides, Tips, and Tutorials

    Before posting a new thread in this section, you should read this post thoroughly, and ensure that your submission is acceptable. If you find a tutorial that is sub-standard, misleading, malicious, or in any way unacceptable, please use the report button to inform forum staff, so that appropriate action can be taken. This is the only section of the forum where guides, tutorials, and tips may be posted. Guides, tutorials, and tips for Save the World posted in other forum sections will only be moved to this section if they fulfill the criteria listed below. If a guide, tutorial, or tip is found to fall short of these guidelines it will be removed from public view.
    1. Content must be for Save the World. Please make sure you are in the correct section before posting a guide, tutorial, or tip.
    2. Content must adhere to the forum Rules. This should go without saying, but any tutorial which is condescending or otherwise contravenes forum policy will be removed.
    3. Content should be written to the level of a complete newcomer. Make sure you mention all the steps required to finish the tutorial, and don't assume your reader will have information you omitted.
    4. Content should be easy to read and follow. A good tutorial is educational and visually appealing. Include proper formatting, highlighted instructions and clean spacing, along with screenshots if possible. Tutorials that are difficult to follow, haphazard or unformatted will be removed.
    5. Content should be written in the language of the sub forum. It is important to be as clear as possible. If a tutorial is difficult to understand, or uses broken English or slang, it will be removed.
    6. Content should be complete. A tutorial that closes with "I'll post more on that later" will be removed, as will tutorials that suggest reading other pages to complete a task.
    7. Content should cite sources, and link to offsite sources if possible. If you are borrowing an idea from another source, you should give credit to that author and link to their explanation. This is not only polite, but it also gives the reader the chance to get more information or help.
    8. Content may not be copy-and-pasted from outside sources. Copying a tutorial from another source and pasting it here is plagiarism. If your tutorial has been stolen from another source and you do not offer credit to the original author or have approval from the original author, it will be deleted.
    9. Content should be supported. You are expected to offer some support for your tutorial, within practical limits. If you fail to respond to requests for help or clarification within a reasonable time, or fail to update your tutorial, the thread will be closed or removed.

    Not considered a guide, tutorial, or tip:
    Posts that contain only links to offsite pages or blog posts. A tutorial must be a single, complete on-site post. Files or packages can be hosted offsite, but a tutorial must include all the pertinent information here, on the forums.

    Optional Components:
    1. It would be wise to post the current version of the game that the guide, tutorial, or tip was written for.
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