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Don't Make the Newbie Mistakes I Made


Don't Make the Newbie Mistakes I Made

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    Don't Make the Newbie Mistakes I Made

    I am now nearing the end of Plankerton and still have a lot to learn but I thought some newer players might benefit from avoiding some the major mistakes I made (and there are many).

    I rushed through Stonewood and wasted so many materials, focused on weapon levels thinking that having the best gun was the most important priority, I was very wrong, the post from Eugenitor titled The problem is your survivors it's always your survivors will help you get started on the right track.

    Don't overbuild your Home Base, there is no penalty for losing an SSD (Storm Shield Defence), early Stonewood and Plankerton SSD's can actually run with naked storm sheilds and amplifiers. Run and purposely lose the missions a few times to see where the spawn points are and the husk pathing is, then build trap tunnels and/or choke points accordingly. To learn more see this excellent starter tutorial from David Dean here: Fortnite; Stonewood SSD 2. I can't emphasise enough how much grind and wasted time I've spent trying to tear down my overbuilt Homebase.

    STW has a lot of grind for farming materials, for efficiency use an Outlander (more on Outlanders later) to farm, ensure they have 6% chance to find double loot and the Anti-Material Charge perks, arguably the best is Striker A.C. who at level 18 is a farming god, I only discovered this yesterday after research and luckily I had dumped in into the collection book. I can now farm enough in one private mission to fund hours of gameplay without having to worry about materials. Study the Youtube videos on how to farm efficiently.

    Collection book vs. Retire is one thing I did not muck up on too badly, as a general rule I would advise adding (currently) unneeded duplicates to the collection book you can always get them back for 20 vbucks if needed later. The urge to retire everything for points and race for levelling up of your favourite hero/weapon/trap is strong but as you progress and learn you will be thankful for the collection book.

    Learn to use your hero abilities effectively, the earlier you do this the more enjoyable the game is, I enjoy combat but will be first to admit I'm not the best, I started as a Ninja because the double jump and extra speed is useful for getting around the map plus swords don't need ammo but eventually settled on an Outlander (Enforcer Grizzly) because of his awesome OP TEDDY perks. Whatever your choice of hero use their abilities to the max and choose a support/tech slot in their team to enhance those abilites which are generally far more powerful than any weapon.

    At the the beginning especially if you have an above basic package the rewards come thick and fast, I squandered a lot of these valuable rewards before really understanding how best to use them my advise would be to hang on to them until you have a feel for how best to use or dispose of reward items. Also I would advise only buy the Super Troll Truck and Super People Llama for best bang for your hard earned vbucks, From the event store buy all the perk-up, re-perk and flux every week as you can't get enough of this stuff later in the game when you can really use it.

    Finally not a mistake I made but worth a mention, being a team player and fully participating in missions gives you more rewards, xp, event gold and road trip tickets, over time this adds up to a significant amount.

    Update: Just a few more thoughts on where I initially went wrong and what would have made life easier.

    On Hero XP and Evolution Materials
    If you want to cut down the grind don't waste XP and evolution materials just to try new heroes out, you might think you're swimming in these resources early on but be assured they become very valuable later on.

    On Weapon XP and Evolution Materials
    The same advice as for heroes, pick the weapon you really like early on, don't be afraid to use the green, blue or purple versions as you can evolve to legendary versions over time with flux from the event store. You only need 6 weapons to focus on:
    • Pistol
    • Assault Rifle
    • Shotgun
    • Sniper
    • Melee (Sword,Axe,Hardware, Spear or Scythe).
    • Explosive Launcher

    Start with getting three weapons to the level you need, Melee is good early on to save on ammo, but the key is to have three weapons slotted, 1 each for; pesky small husk, husky husks and crowd control. The other weapons will be for defenders and daily quests.

    On Defenders
    Initially I did not like or use the Hero Squad defenders however after understanding their limitation and learning how to best use them they have become an integral part of my solo SSD's and solo missions. It is really worth putting the Hero XP into at least one high level defender.

    I wish I had wasted points unlocking SSD defender slots as so far (Canny SSD 5) the Hero Squad defenders get the job done.

    On Traps
    I did not realise how easy a well placed gas trap can make a mission, combined with any level wooden floor spikes for their slowing abilities can basically kill everything, just keep the gas levelled 5-10 points above the mobs your fighting.

    On Upgrading Schematics
    When you get to the stage of upgrading to 3 Star (Malachite) or 4 Star (Obsidian or Shadowshard) schematics make a few weapons at the current tier to keep in your inventory. Why? Two reasons, initially the new materials and components will be in short supply and you might find you do not have enough of them when your new tier weapon runs out of durability. Secondly you can use the pre-upgraded weapons in lower missions when farming v-bucks, XP or whatever saving the good gun for harder levels.

    None of the above are 'must do's' just ideas to make the game go a little smoother for the new player until they find their feet.
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    This is some good info for new players. might I also suggest my Tips and Tricks for new players post it may help you some more. Good luck and have fun.


      If you are just starting out, I would recommend buying Upgrade Llamas initially, as I think getting 20 llamas worth of stuff is better than a Super Llama (50 vbucks v 1000 vbucks). Once you've padded out your Collection Book (or Recycled for points) a bit more, then change to Super Llamas.
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        Yeah, the super people llamas and the troll ones are definitely give you more than the others as they are guaranteed to give you at least one legendary loots.

      • Jezcentral commented
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        20 upgrade llamas are highly likely to give you more than 1 legendary. But like I said, I would advise this only for people who are just starting out. In the beginning, a rare is as good as a legendary. It's better to get a load of different weapons and try them out.

      • LoosersKlub commented
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        Except that now you have everything freely via the shop. Everything is ultra easy to get. I agree that when I first started your advice was true. Now it'd just mean throwing vbucks out of the windows.

      Thanks for the tips.


        Originally posted by KhaoTong View Post
        I can't emphasise enough how much grind and wasted time I've spent trying to tear down my overbuilt Homebase.
        They really should implement a solution to this problem. A post from 12-15-2017 requests that we finally get to reset our base - but nothing happened. I'm still a newbie and as I realised that, if you build something and later on you see that it is thrash, you can't simply reset it. The other problem is that once you place a trap- you can't undo that :( Now when I build, I feel a little strange, in hopes do not do "something wrong"(I know that there is no wrong, but I think you know what I mean)

        Thank you for your post!
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          ` I think the homebase should work like your challenge the horde base you can tear stuff down with a single swing, but have it turn off as soon as you start the mission.


            At this stage I wouldn't even mind if we only go 20% of mats back when we broke down the SSD buildings.
            "Arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon, no matter how well you play the bird is going to $**t on the board and strut around like it won."