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Guide: Quickdraw Calamity is niche, but Powerful & Fun


Guide: Quickdraw Calamity is niche, but Powerful & Fun

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    Guide: Quickdraw Calamity is niche, but Powerful & Fun

    ALOT of people have shelved their QD Calamity it seems from what I've seen & heard. I'll admit there are some missions I wont use her, but there are some situations i highly recommend her. I been using her ALOT since she came out. She has good Strengths but is weak to getting swarmed without her dual pistols and a few other things. Anyways here what I've worked out with her.

    Missions QDC's Strong in.

    1. Playing Solo

    If you dont want to play with random teammates either to test something new, speedrun, whatever. QDC is a solid choice. She has two boss abilities with lefty & righty and Goin Commando. If your vsing a tough boss affected mostly by abilities you wont be crippled with playing solo. Also she has War Cry which will supercharge defenders. She can clear drop zones fast and hold em down pretty good. Shes not so much of an Soldier as she is a Defender Herself. Think of her like a Gunslinger that buffs other Defenders.

    2. 4-Player recommended Mutant Storms.

    As said above she is a Heroic Defender so Mutant Storms which allow up 4 Players + 4 Defenders make her (and anyone with war cry) a valuable asset. Best thing you can do is put all 4 defenders close or split off in 2's so war cry can reach them all. When the defenders get swarmed you should be protecting em with lefty & righty and goin commando. Any place Defenders are needed QDC has value.

    3. Destroy the Encampments + Rescue the Survivors.

    She is great for these two missions you always have a strong ability for each each fight. between the fights you will usually have 2/3 of your abilities per fight. For survivor you can hose down husks swarming cars with either damage skill and not break the car, clear out debris/forest for finding med kits, and do some fast looting shooting through walls floors while looking for survivors. Fighting encampments just goes so well. It's hard not to clear all them out. Granted these two missions are on the easier end of the game you can use almost anything in she is Above Average.

    Some general tips for using her.

    1. Pistols... First off i recommend these:

    - Founder Revolt: As mentioned above the Revolt can farm Lefty & Righty back fast.
    - Bolt Bolt: Ugly gun but a good one. Six Shooter make the first 6 shots pack a huge punch it can clear waves of husks fast in a choke point.
    - Falcon: Not many people have a Falcon but it actually does good on her. The impact increase from Six Shooter puts it next to the Judge in impact without the Huge Recoil and a slightly faster firing rate. Making it better at killing numerous enemies.
    - Judge: Speaking of Judge it's on here too. Falcon is better in my opinion as an "all-around" gun, but vs Mist Monsters Judge wins. Pick your poison between the two.
    - Six Shooter: Your probably gonna have to look in your collection book to find it but im sure you recycled it multiple times and its likely you never even tried it. It's actually kinda unique it's kinda like the middle ground between the Jackal & Falcon. Being a Rare gun it's not gonna have 5 perks and it doesnt have anything unique like the Founder Revolt. It's just one of kind in how it functions and it's a heck of alot of fun to use. Six Shooter + Six Shooter actually makes it kinda viable. Falcon is gonna beat it hands down, but I have so much fun with it I highly recommend you get one to at least lvl 20-30 for Plankerton & Canny Valley early stages for some fun.
    - Last Stand: Perfect for Calamity, the impact boost goes a long way.
    - Tiny Instrument of Death: Not enough people use this!!! Six Shooter & In A Pinch is a straight boost to this gun!

    What I dont recommend.

    - Rapid Fire Pistols mainly cause of the ammo sink, if you want rapid fire use an assault rifle character. She gets no benefits other then a faster reload.
    - Silenced Pistol: Though it is one of the better pistols in the game currently it's not a good pick. With Quickdraw Calamity you want *IMPACT* not poke/critical damage. You want things you shoot to feel it. The Judge is great at killing the Blue Lightning Husks just for the fact you can stop them from shooting you with 1-2 hits. This Silenced Pistol on Calamity is good cause it boost the crit damage, but you have to focus everything on critical for your squad bonus. Other heroes use this gun better use it only for stealth. You'll do better with a Falcon then a Silenced Pistol because your impact is boosted.
    - Bald Eagle: I've had VERY mixed opinions about this gun on her. In general it's slow rate of fire is a tough workaround, but the damage is so rewarding. War Cry can let you shoot faster but honestly you wont have it enough to merit it as a viable use all the time. The damage and impact is SOOO Good though. Smashers are like 0 threat as 1-2 shots staggers em. Really though if judge was on the list bald eagle couldnt and vice versa. Most times I'd say take the Bald Eagle cause crits are like a one-shot on just about everything. But on Calamity though "Six Shooter" makes the Judge better in the heavy pistol category. The rate of fire and impact boost can make it much more flexible then the Bald Eagle ever could be in QDC's hands. Honestly though it's 100% your choice. But since QDC has reload, damage, AND impact, the Judge just applies better to her

    2. Dont focus entirely on pistols.

    Pistols are fun, but not always viable in all situations. I actually like using her with Light Machine Guns, Shotguns, & Snipers. Her "In a Pinch" skill ups reload on all guns when the clip is empty. This isnt really a ground breaking skill on pistols which have a high fast reload already in most cases, but on these 3 weapons it's a godsend. You can hold out with your defenders or just on objective with a sniper rifle and a shotgun just fine. The trick with shotguns is once you start to reload dont shoot till the reload is done, you can reload 5-6 shells in the time it take to load em one at a time and fire twice allowing you to just pop husks left and right. I prefer the Nightclaw feels good on her and is just a solid Shotgun in general. Assault Rifles other then LMGs are Assault Rifles if this is all you want to use, just dont play QDC... there are multiple heroes who can use assault rifles better. QDC is about the other guns you been collecting and havn't used, mostly the low ammo ones or long reloads. Depending on the situation I'll use a LMG and Heavy Pistol for mid-long range, and Shotgun and Small Pistol for close range. Just Keep the pistol as a Sidearm mainly.

    3. Bunker up.

    QDC loves a good shootout with her posse. Stay close to them defenders pick a good 4-8 tile area in the thick of the mess and hold out. Put a healing pad maybe and a trap or two for leaping midgets and ride out the storm.put a wall with a window somewhere you can dual pistol and Gatling gun out if you need a bit of cover.

    4. Always use Lefty & Righty first.

    Even vs bosses, the pistols should always be the first thing you pull out when things heat up. You can backpeddle and hipfire at little husks or Aim and do multiple headshots on bosses. Also as you should know by using her and as I've been saying. You can get it back quickly. Save the Commando when Lefty and Righty is on cooldown.

    5. Squad and Tactical

    - Armored: Damage Resistance is a good trait to have in general, but it applies especially for QDC. You'll be locked in your dual pistols or gatling gun alot, and so you wont be able to build cover if you need it and be less maneuverable. Being able to take a beating Helps.
    - Bullet Bonanza: If you use her in alot of Mutant Storms your gonna be burning through ammo fast. This can help ease your pain some if you dont need serious Squad Bonus support.
    - Eagle Eye: If you have crit perk on your pistols (as you should) it's a big damage boost
    - Hipshot: The obvious damage boost.
    - Improved Headshot: Personal fav of mine makes the Heavy Pistols like Judge VERY lethal at killing Mist Monsters.
    - Make it Count: As with Eagle Eye use if your gun has Crit. It's the better of the two cause of Six Shooter just stacking with the crit damage or if you missed "Rook"

    - Born to Kill: Makes War Cry into a life saving skill.
    - Explosive Rounds: Always a handy bonus for shooty Heroes.
    - Practiced in Combat: Extending War Cry is very helpful in Mutant Storm.
    - Survivalist: My general go-to Tactical Bonus. It's especially good here cause this lets you save your healing Gadget for Defenders.

    6. Never be alone.

    My last tip I got for ya, QDC doesnt have strong close range crowd clearing without explosive weapons. Either way buddy up. Not like be baby sat but your kit has weaknesses another player or a defender solves much of. War Cry is a team ability, get the most out of it by never going rouge longer then you have to.

    That's about it. Kinda bummed at people reaction towards this new hero, but I've been enjoying her. I've used her just about everyday I've played since she came out cause her kit is very fun and nice change from soldiers who are grenade spam usually. If you made it this far thanks for reading all the way and any thoughts or input you got towards using this character or this guide please share. I'm having a blast with her.

    Edit: Ghost Pistol - this gun was made to give calamity swarm clearing potential which i mentioned above she's weak against but overall the ghost pistol is just too weak. If you however kept a ghost pistol for small husks and a Judge for mist monsters, you could potentially cover that weakness, but for me personally the slow projectiles are cool but they are SLOW i wish they were just 15-20% more faster, its hard to land mid range shots on anything not walking in a straight line at you. Revolt is still better IMO
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    Thanks for this. I love Calamity. She is pretty much the main character I use. Granted I am still only Plankerton SSD 4 but I'm really getting used to her and just enjoy playing missions so much. These tips, especially with regards to the pistol choices, are a big help. I also like using LMG and shotguns with her in some situations.


      Calamity's specialty tends to be single target DPS, so naturally, a grenade or rocket launcher will be one of her best friends when swarmed. As far as her non-pistol weapon is concerned, I find the Swan (this year's Halloween AR) to be a solid fit. Mine is Energy element, with a unique lvl 25 perk that increases the gun's Crit Chance for each shot fired (+1.8% per shot, stacks up to 15 times) along with a +25% Crit Chance perk that I have on it.

      With pistols, I tend to use Heavy Ammo weapons more often, taking advantage of Six Shooter. For Nature, I have a Piston Spitter. For Water, a Falcon that needs quite a bit of Re-Perk points to make it viable. For Fire, it's the Duelist. I believe they're all Affliction.


        I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I have asked a thousand people and have had a thousand different answers. I am looking to obtain Val the legendary melee defender. Does anybody know how to get her? Thank you


          Great job. Very informative. I dont play soldier though or pistol.


            Thanks for the write up.
            IIjust got her and haven't even used her as a primary yet because I like ninjas but I'll give her a try soon.


              i play on calamaty pistols with a low magazine size to get the best dmg out of 6 shots.

              pistols with high magazine size are better on ranger deadeye


                What is so one-of-a-kind about the Six Shooter?


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                  Calamity has an ability where the first 6 shots fired in a pistol do increased damage.

                • NecessaryWeevil commented
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                  Oh, is that all? I mean, I knew that already...I'm unclear why he singled out that one then as opposed to all the other six-shot pistols. Is it just that a six-shot revolver is the prototypical gunfighter's pistol?
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                  it boost damage AND "impact" the impact is the the uniqueness. No other hero in the game im aware has a method to boost the impact of weaponry without a re=perk on the gun itself. So when your look at guns to use on calamity you should look at the very bottom of the stats and see the impact amount. times that by .30 then add that number to the original impact and you have the boost number. The judge for instance does 430 originally but with her skill it does 565. Most enemies stun threshold is less then a thousand unless it's a smasher so basically just about anything she hits with a judge will get stun/staggered.

                Originally posted by OiPogMoThoin View Post
                I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I have asked a thousand people and have had a thousand different answers. I am looking to obtain Val the legendary melee defender. Does anybody know how to get her? Thank you
                Val was a event only defender