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    Build strategies

    I know a lot of us me included come up here on this forum to at times rant and get a laugh on certain topics but not take the time to read or come up with new ideas or read from other good players there way of playing. So case in point on certain missions well for instance 4 P atlas missions no matter the zone per se exploding death burst with metal corrosion. I was on a mission a little while ago and that one came up no big issues on the mission but did the trap tunnel and heal the walls but after a while the tunnel just went boom.
    I would enjoy seeninh someone do a tutorial on this particular mission because to me it’s the most aggravating but best mission on the game due to the challenge. If I ever get in a game with 3 other players that understand it’s a beautiful science seeing traps and sniping do the work and not hoping around setting off propane’s. But do any players have any ideas or strategies they care to share about how they perform these missions or any missions for that matter? I usually build the objective out of brick and tunnels out of metal.

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    I would use brick on the objective unless it's water storm and metal corrosion ( then I just flip the coin by then). I have a couple of approach depending on type of trapping and then the type of character, but on this one I will go with the constructor.

    mission at cat4 4p (real deal)

    spawn trapping with tyre drops since tyre drops can be placed upto 3 tile high and I would just be using a choke point wall just running behind it until my decoy cools down. Constructor- controller harper and I would be using
    Noble launcher. I wouldn't bother with tunnels
    (if I use a tunnel it would be 3 tile wide with wall darts decoying them in the middle)

    saying that, I have a hero set up with 980% building repair speed but I haven't tried running it at this storm.

    hotfixer hazard, sentinel hype squad support: hotfix with heavy base tactical. Only thing is hotfixers base ain't as tough and as big as megabase
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