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Master the Elements, stop using Energy!


Master the Elements, stop using Energy!

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    Master the Elements, stop using Energy!

    There are 5 elements in this game, 4 of them are strong, one is bad... well niche. If your newer to save the world and actually intend on grinding it out and building a huge arsenal you should pay attention to this.

    Physical - VERY POWERFUL, if your killing non-elementals. In stronger in areas like stormwood and plankerton and really on weapons with higher raw damage like snipers and shotguns its a huge increase in their damage. Less effective on rapid fire weapons.

    Nature/Thunder - Strong against Water/Ice looks really cool too, weak against fire

    Water/Ice - Strong against fire weak against nature/thunder.

    Fire - Strong against nature, weak against water.

    Energy - moderate damage vs all elements, no weaknesses.

    Your think "duh I know this" now let me go into the deeper stuff. Elementals have natural physical damage resistance to raw damage. I'm not sure what the exact percentage is but its a very significant amount around 20-30% or more. What the element perks do is allow you to bypass this barrier and stack in damage. If you use the element a husk is weak against say fire vs nature it breaks the barrier and multiplies your damage more then the actual percentage you see on the gun's perk not alot just like an extra 5-15% (its very expensive to test these out reperk wise so i had to use similar guns). Now lets say you shoot a Nature husk with a Water weapon. The barrier is increased and your element damage is negated even more by that same 5-15%, you'd be better off using a physical weapon or energy. Now what if you shoot a nature husk with a nature weapon? It's the same effect as energy. What energy does is break this damage Physical Resistance Barrier but only adds a flat amount of small extra damage, this means energy is actually weaker then physical weapons vs non elementals.

    So using info you should always try and counter pick against enemies. There is a time and place for Energy but it should NOT be on everyone of your guns. Now if your someone who doesnt play alot and could be called a Casual Player energy is actually a solid choice for you. Chance are you only have about 3-5 main weapons you primarily use, or you trade (which i dont recommend or do myself) and thats your main arsenal. Nobody here's gonna lie to you and say this game is not a huge grind. It takes hundreds of hours and missions to make a large inventory you can actually craft, at least they are continuing the story though lol. You could have Physical and Energy and skate by just fine and just slowly work on more.

    Now if you have like 50+ legendary schematics from event and whatever and your sitting on like 20+ usable guns, theres no reason you shoudnt be counter picking. Well there is one, the event weapons. Some event weapons like the obliterator are unique and you want access to them in all your maps to be viable, this would be a good acceptable time to use energy (personally mine is physical for raw damage and i have a neon for energy). But if you have alot of guns you just want to use start tossing elements on. Weapons that seem bad at first can be great once they are used to counter. Tactical Shotguns are amazing btw. As energy you dont see much improvement but used against any proper element or physical vs non-element shotguns pick em off easily with the proper damage boosts.

    For me my arsenal looks like this for assault rifles.

    Assault rifles
    Gravedigger - fire
    Swan - Thunder
    Siegebreaker - Water
    Hacksaw - Physical
    Nocturno - energy
    Razorblade - physcial (for defenders since they are bad with LMGs, which i need a new thunder assault rifle for em too)

    This doesnt include my other weapons but I can always counterpick with an assault rifle and my Nocturno which is unique can be used in all situations say looting in the map and you keep finding each different elemental type and you dont want to swap weapons alot. Once you know what your fighting always counter if you can, and if your not vsing elementals have some sort of heavy duty physical weapon that just wipes. This will maximize you effectiveness and keep the game from getting stale faster because your using many different weapons.

    One last thing I want to talk about is the 6th perk on guns. Generally most people want affliction and I approve of that too, that 5th perk which adds damage to afflicted targets is great. But keep in mind the weapon snare one. This is one perk I actually want on my thunder guns. Why? Water husks slow you when they hit you, I want no part of that! Getting swarmed is an easy way to die if your not equipped right. I say snare the ice husks before they snare you, my longarm enforcer does this on my thunder shotgun, which has helped tremendously.

    Slightly common knowledge but I see so many energy weapons and alot of people i know just hop straight to energy on guns and thats just not the way to go if your able to use lots of guns/heroes.

    For another person's perspective, I mostly play ninjas that put me in the center of combat, usually with a speed boost ability and/or support/tactical. This means that while the slowing from water husks is annoying, it's not particularly deadly for me. However, nature husks sapping my energy in the middle of the fray means I can't use my much-needed abilities or my double-jump to get away if I'm in trouble.

    The incredible fire Masamune sword that I always have equipped is my go-to for this and most other heavy combat.
    As for my second and third weapons, I've never really found a weapon I liked enough to make exclusively nature (which would cover my Masamune's shortcomings against water husks), so I usually opt for a physical Dam Buster or Obliterator (usually depending on my stock of mechanical parts for launchers, the level I'm playing at, or Dam Buster when I'm expecting lots of smashers in storm shields for example) in my second slot, and an energy Krypton Sword or Siegebreaker for my third.

    While I don't have quite the coverage SleepySRH might usually have, I have highly-emphasized damage against husks I'm personally weak to, which makes me even more specialized against them, and then moderate damage to hold my own against other elements. Also, the Dam Buster's super-high impact means I can usually knock everything away from me in a pinch (including smashers), and pull back to recover my energy or health.
    I should also mention that my Tech stat is my biggest emphasis, as my abilities are really my main source of damage, and my biggest combat potential. Weapons are for enemies my abilites can't handle (which varies by hero), and for the few seconds my abilities are on cooldown.
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      The reason players go for energy instead of elemental is because it's easier to have a single weapon to deal with everything AND because it's not worth the hassle.

      If your weapon deals 1 000 fire damage, you deal 1 000 damage to lightning & regular enemies, but you only deal 250 to water enemies and 670 to fire enemies.
      Meanwhile, if your weapon deals 1 000 energy damage, you deal 1 000 damage to regular enemies and 750 to ALL other elemental enemies.

      In my opinion, devs should increase the "right element against weaker element" damage multiplier from 100% to 125% in order to incentive players to use elements.


      • SirServed29 commented
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        Completely this. Unless said enemy in question has a ton of health, you're better off just using Energy against them.

      Originally posted by SleepySRH View Post
      Elementals have natural physical damage resistance to raw damage. I'm not sure what the exact percentage is but its a very significant amount around 20-30% or more.
      It's 50%, to be exact.
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        My only energy setup is for syd, my hammers are energy and kinetic overload is energy plus energy support wrecks.


          Imo it’s simply just annoying to keep changing guns. I tried running all 3 elements but then you don’t have a spot for a melee weapon. It used to be that half the time the notIce of what element was coming on a wave was incorrect so stopping to change a weapon while husks are coming again annoying. Then you have the missions where elements of all kinds are around you, again annoying.

          Sure you will have a slight edge using the correct weapon but it’s not really needed. I never had any isssue competing for top spot in damage using my energy weapons. The game is easy enough that it’s really not needed. If most people really wanted to do more damage they would stop using certain characters and use the ones that do more.


          • Pailzor commented
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            You can always have one of the elements on your melee weapon. I see no problem there.

          • jrdiiorio commented
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            Cause chasing down smashers or bees with your melee weapon as a non melee character makes sense.

          I'll stick with my Physical Bobcat. It can tear up anything easy enough. Of course Element Smashers take a little bit more ammo but it's not like they are always a threat, and they soak up dmg no matter what you use

          And this is with me running around as Striker A. C. so I'm not doing as much dmg as I could be doing with a Soldier class
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            my attack stats are over 3000 i don´t need an element.....


              If you have Shamrock Reclaimer / Frag. Flurry Jess / Dusk in support, you do an extra 20% energy dmg, which is what I use. It's very good if your not a super sweaty player, doing 90% of the total dmg to an elemental using any energy weapon.
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              • Pailzor commented
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                And not just weapons; energy-damaging abilites as well.

              • Tasty_Salt commented
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                Exactly, so if you use a character that has an ability that does energy damage (eg. Commando's Minigun), then that ability becomes even more overpowered.

              same here (with 3000+ attack stats),only Element Smasher lvl100+ its better to use energy weapon,the other husks no need.