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Husks mentality


Husks mentality

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  • Husks mentality

    Hello Nugslayer740 here,

    so so last night I did SSD5 at Stonewood, now I’m a terrible fort builder still and was trying some things and I had an attack from the West on My Amp. B, and it was 3 walls long on that particular side, if the husks went left there would be zero traps for them but if they went right they would be running through a tunnel of traps and freezing and gas ya know.
    I was so shocked as to why they didn’t go left, nothing blocking that way, it had easy access but they chose to go right every time. they went all the way around to what seemed like the front of the amplifier and tried to break in again what seemed to be only the front center tile.
    that front center tile didn’t have a trap either but the entire back side of the fort didn’t either.
    still baffles me but maybe someone can help me understand how these dam husks work


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    As far as I know, the husks usually go for the weakest walls, even if it takes longer to get to their target.

    You can use steel or stone to build your main defense, and use a wooden tunnel to bait them into traps.

    Oh, but they apparently don't count traps as a "defence," only walls.

    Hope that helps.


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      Husks go straight for the target. They will detour somewhat, depending on the strength of the walls and will start breaking walls that would be quicker to walk around. They will attack a weaker section over a stronger one. They ignore traps, because if they could see them, you couldn’t really call them traps.