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Fortnite Skill tree Questions.


Fortnite Skill tree Questions.

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  • Fortnite Skill tree Questions.

    Hey again, As a new play I have a ton of questions about this game.

    My Question is Does it matter what I spend my skill points on?

    I am looking for the best things to upgrade but im thinking if it really matters if i can keep leveling up and unlocking everything in skill tier 1

    Thanks! <3

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    Target backpack / storm shield upgrades (increase) and the ones that open up support teams (increases FORT as you populate with survivors.


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      There is a limit to how many skills you can get in the skill tree so it is a good idea to somewhat plan what you’re going to use your skills on.

      So yes, it does matter. Early on you have limited choices any way but later you may want to decide to focus more.

      I’d probably recommend not spending on the Storm Shield defenders or the gadgets like the teleport which your unlikely to ever use. (It’s an early access game so things may change and those may eventually become worth having but now there are better things to put points in)

      Personally, I sacrificed storage upgrades and instead went for stat bonuses but we all have different play styles.

      Although the points are limited the limit is high so you should be able to get most of what you want

      Good luck and good gaming


      • SatNiteEduardo commented
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        What limits? You can get all of them.

      • Eirasius commented
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        ppl are saying limit is 310, im afraid.