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2 for 1 Upgrade lama


2 for 1 Upgrade lama

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  • 2 for 1 Upgrade lama

    Hi guys i have some V Bucks and pass on the last Troll Truck and Stash because im not sure if they worth it or not. My plan was to buy upgrade lamas with the winter event etc.

    Now im not sure if i really should buy upgrade lamas or not all my mates telling me its a bad idea.

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    It is a bad idea since they arent guaranteed to nclude epics or legendaries. Just save your V-bucks for Super Llamas of a type you need or Troll Truck/Stash if you need a bit of everything.


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      Im right now Power Level 88 and there is nothing i really need :/


      • SatNiteEduardo commented
        Editing a comment
        I would still wait but reason is you may get all event items you need from quests etc and not need any extra event llamas to get that last legendary hero you crave for (hypothetical).

        In the Hex event I bought some upgrade llamas to top up my tickets to get an event llama and got a legendary hero but then jagged the same one the next day from just doing missions.

        So I would wait and see and maybe spend on a day or 2 before event ends if you still need something from the event.