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Question about Schematics Drops


Question about Schematics Drops

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  • Question about Schematics Drops

    Hi, I'm very new to the game, and recently made it to Plankerton. It's been fun, but I'm starting to feel weak, I've put ALL of my Schematic XP into my Legendary Dissector spear, and neglected everything else hoping to just earn better schmatics. But I'm still progressing and I'm only getting weak copper schematics and no silver ones, do silver ones drop, or do ALL schematics start as copper and you have to upgrade each one?

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    Hi Retroc,

    I'm quite new myself (also in Plankerton) and my experience is that yes, all schematics that you get start at Level 1, and therefore, are copper. Evolving a schematic to Tier 2 (and thus Levels 11-20) are when you get a good power jump and start with Silver items. You will need to unlock the skill node that allows you to evolve the type of weapon you like to Tier 2 (and then later for Tier 3 also).

    The way the game is set up more or less, is that Stormwood generally gives you Tier 1 crafting materials, Plankerton Tier 2, etc. So as you play more in Plankerton, you'll have plenty of resources to craft Tier 2 items.

    I'm assuming you already know this, but in the off-chance you don't, remember you need to recraft items to get the benefit of the upgraded schematic. When you craft an item, its a permanent snapshot of the way the schematic was at that time.

    Also of note, you will get weapon DROPS at Tier 2 (or more) with higher power levels. These may be useful to you short term, until you get a schematic you want high enough. Generally speaking crafted weapons are usually better than world drops because of the additional perks included in them.
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      All schematics start at level 1 if you want better schematics you have to level them so you'll never just randomly get ones that are pre-leveled. Play matches that rewards schematic EXP and level your schematics or make do with what drops in the field. Field weapons are plenty strong enough to use though crafted weapons of comparable level will be stronger due to the perks. More than the perks you can control what class of weapon you get and the guarantee that the weapon level is capped to your effective level so if you're in Plankerton you can use level 30 weapons to full effect and thus you can insure that you have a weapon that is level 30 of Malachite quality to use rather than use a drop that will frequently drop lower than your max effective level not to say they're not usable still since you can actually get by with the level 1 Handmade Rifle if you really wanted even if it's far below your max effective level, but dropped weapons will pretty much be assured to be stronger than the Handmade Rifle the only exception would pretty much be getting a white drop of a weapon you utterly hate since the Handmade is even weaker than the basic level 1 white rarities.