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Linking PC to PS4


Linking PC to PS4

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  • Linking PC to PS4

    so the problem is that i'm playing on the PC version of the game at the moment, i bought the deluxe version, bought the battlepass etc. But i want to move to PS4. I had already played on PS4 and the game made an account for me, couldnt even try to login and cant logout. I know u can link the accounts , but when i try it says that my PS4 account is already linked when its not. i hope i somehow get to link them so i can get my level, stats, skins, pickaxes etc on PS4.... i hope someone has a solution for me

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    Hi Rhinootje,

    It sounds to me like you have 2 separate Epic Accounts. One which you use for your PC, and one which you use that is linked to your PSN Account.

    Follow these instructions to sign into your Epic Account you use on PC. I'm assuming when you looked at linked accounts, your PSN account does NOT show up as linked? (and when you try to link, it says your PSN account is already linked). if so, yeah you probably have a 2nd Epic Account.

    I'm not sure how this would work, but if you go to the PS4 copy of the game and go to Settings, the Accounts tab will actually now (as of 2.2.0) display a long string of letters/numbers which I think represents your Epic Account. You might be able to contact Epic's support with that to figure out what the other Epic Account is.


    If you have any idea what an alternate Epic Account might be (different username/password) try signing in to that on Epic. I think you can sign into that Epic Account, you should be able to unlink the PSN Account which might free it up with your primary Epic account.

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      Ur a god, tysm <3 <3 <3

      finally a good community

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      Just happy to help! Happy husk hunting!