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  • Finish pve

    I'm going to start this off with- if you are planning a huge update, then what i'm about to say might not matter. But...

    You may have heard the term: preception is reality. To the players who paid for SavetheWorld, their reality is: 'I paid for pve but the dev team is focused on free BR'
    I undertand that there are probably two different teams working on each one, and maybe you don't cause cause br is making money. But the future of your company's suceess is detrmined right now. The next game 'Epic games' makes- will come with the stigma of two things: Paragon- which gets less and less fans with every update, and Fornite: the game that took peoples money to give other a free to play game that was unrealated.
    Look at what happend to Starwars battle front- they messed up, word got out, and they suffered. Don't let this happen to you as well.
    The fact that Battle royal gets bigger updates that happend more often is a HUGE middle finger to people like me who paid for this.
    We need: glitches that have been there from the start fixed, An acutal end game, and the second half of the story finished. let's go.

    ^I already sent this in player feed back in game^
    I would like to add to it

    1. Epic employees, you need to stop avoiding the negative things that there FANS say and face them respond to them head on. I see too many times where there will be comments on a forum with questions and statements and issues that puts Fortnight in a negative light but the ones they respond to are the ones that say nice things about them. The more you ignore the real feedback, the sooner people your game fails.
    2. Seeing Battle royal getting so many updates and then we get a 2 minute video about stamina change, are you kidding? I know you guys had a snow storm, but come one, give us something! The last 15 videos on Fortnite's you tube channel 10 of them have been Battle royal. I know, it's newer, so there are more things to iron out. But considering the argument "there are two separate teams working individually on pve and pvp" Where is the pve updates? before BR took off, we had nice updates that seemed to be putting fortnite in the right direction (bug fixes, Survive the storm, hordebash) but ever since Halloween, it just seems to have flipped.
    3. If there is some huge thing that is being worked on, NOW is the time to talk about it. You need to be transparent about it, not hold on and wait, because what it looks like is you guys don't have anything in the works. I know I paid for an unfinished game, but that doesn't mean the free one should be finished first.

    I'm sure no one from epic games will respond to this because they don't want to the attention here. But if you are an epic employee give me an email, please put my mind at ease.

    and if you're not, go ahead and tell me that i'm wrong and and a crybaby lol I'm prepared :D

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    hahahaha i wish, buddy

    most people would kill to find out that this whole thing is just one big sick joke.... BUT ITS NOT AHAHHAHA


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      I'm not sure what you are saying, I don't want it to be a sick joke. I hope I'm wrong and that they are coming out with an update that shows a road map of the future of the game. I really do hope they aren't putting pve to the side.


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        Epic goes to where the money is. Theyre already jumping ship on Paragon I wouldnt be suprised if Fortnite is next with the low player numbers in StW. Even if you search Fortnite news its 99% Battleroyale. Im just waiting for the **** storm to hit once Fortnite goes f2p and they get slammed 10x harder then battlefront 2 with the only gear progression being from loot boxes.


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          Look at any version's patch notes, they're all focused on BR which goes on top and fills most of the page, with an "oh and BTW, for you PvE losers lmao" appendix at the end.

          Their Christmas event ended weeks ago. They haven't bothered to update ours because, they figure, who cares?

          Look, it ain't StW that gets this game noticed on Twitch. With very limited updates from here on out, what you see is what you get in PvE.


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            I'm glad people understand, if this is the case, I hope word gets out that the company is garbage, but maybe it already has


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              Well all the people riding free Battle Royale this company can’t get better me personally the Pve should just instantly go free to play so we can get some players going and we might then get some updates but they need to remove the ssd or do something where they aren’t such a boring grind quest


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                Yes, definitely, the quest should be something that we want to do, not something you haave to do just to get some xp for shematics/ finish a quest