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Improving Epic's customer service


Improving Epic's customer service

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  • Improving Epic's customer service

    We are not happy with the level of customer service we have been providing to players.

    The key issues are:
    • lack of timely response
    • responses that are not in line with our company values
    • inconsistent level of quality

    Internally, our failures were caused by several factors:

    Staffing of Epic’s customer support hasn’t kept up with growth of the player base. We failed to anticipate and quickly react to growth.

    We didn’t properly communicate core values and our overall philosophy to the Customer Support team, leaving agents without clear guidance. This was compounded by us not having a great internal feedback loop to process issues.

    We focused on average response time when we should have also been looking at outliers.

    We used customer service as a fallback safety net instead of fixing or improving root causes. E.g. issues with account linking is something we need to improve on the development / UX side.

    We are in the process of addressing these issues with a goal of providing excellent player support on two fronts:
    • First response time in under 8 hours
    • Positive and thoughtful resolutions on the first interaction

    This will take time to accomplish but we are committed to delivering the level of service you deserve.

    Please reach out if you were unhappy with a previous support ticket resolution and we will work to make it right!

    Also feel free to reach out to me at to make me aware of outliers and areas we need to improve. I can’t promise that I’m going to respond to all emails, but I will definitely read them all.

    Thanks for playing!

    Daniel Vogel
    VP of Engineering / Fortnite Project Lead

    PS: Please see this post if you are triggering a kick / ban from the game.