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Hunter Killer or razorblade


Hunter Killer or razorblade

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  • Hunter Killer or razorblade

    I bought it in the store. Which one is better?

    Also 2 more questions.

    1 Is the Hydra worth it?
    2. How do you know whether you need fire or water?

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    It all depends on the rolls. What perks do yours have on them? I personally prefer the way the hunter-killer handles, but if I had to chose between the two it would depend first on which one got an elemental roll (preferably with affliction). After that, I'd look at the other rolls. Crit chance, crit damage, damage, reload speed, all depends on what combination you have.

    The Hydra is a very good all-around weapon. It's got fixed perks, so it would be energy which is decent against all elements.

    Fire weapons work best against nature enemies (yellow or pink). Water weapons against Fire (orange), and nature against water (blue).


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      Hunter Killer: 10% Durability 12% Fire Rate 15% Damage 28% Crit Chance 10% Weapon damage water

      Razorblade: 22.5% Damage to afflicted 21% Crit Chance 15% Damage 30% Damage to afflicted 30% Damage to slow n snared


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        The Razorblade has these 21% Crit Chance 15% Damage decent rolls . The Hunter Killer: Damage 28% Crit Chance 10% Weapon damage water
        the last 3 rolls are decent . The better one based on the rolls is the HK but you have to pull the trigger lots LOL


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          The rolls on the razorblade suck because three only benefit effects this weapon doesn't have. If you could afflict, slow, or snare with the razorblade, that would be another story. The other two are good rolls, but the others ruin it.

          The hunter-killer has better rolls and an element to boot. Catalyst is right. I use a hunter-killer as my primary energy weapon. If I have it slotted with other single shot weapons (hydra and revolver), it's an easy transition. If I'm using an automatic and switch to it, I often forget I can't hold the trigger for small bursts. This results in a few seconds of confusion until I remember to click for each shot...I'm getting slower in my old age.