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Free Materials for New Founders, It is to get rid of Things not needs & Space


Free Materials for New Founders, It is to get rid of Things not needs & Space

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    Free Materials for New Founders, It is to get rid of Things not needs & Space

    Hi new founders, Free Materials for New Founders with True active playing PSN Accounts, It is to get rid of Things not needs & Space

    I have a lot of stuff that are 1-star & 2-star, I would rather give them to you all instead of keep dropping stacks of 99 Ore & mechanical parts and all materials, I just drop on ground & I know you all can use this stuff,,

    I have no problem helping yous out for honest founders that play game well abd are honest with others,

    I am unable to friend everyone so I have a PSN community where I mad eit easy for PVE players to find groups, you can join me through there, You will see what one is mine, I dont know if I am allowed to say my community name because I dont know if they will consider it as advertising but its not because I do not benefit anything out of it, i dont make anything, I just put time into it to make teams easy but you will see community owners name as mine but a hint its for Fortnite PVE & its to look for (LFG) & (LFT) message me before you come in incase I am in a high level mission because that would be like crashing a high level mission & i dont want to he held responsible or look like a bad guy if the group leader kicks anyone for their level,

    This is to be respectful & honest, I will always help out honest players, i can always use Quarts Crystals & Planks which are every easy to get & Coal just incase you come across them I really need them and can make you a lot of weapons but you owe me nothing, I am giving you what you need that i have to give willingly and I dont want anything back in return, it is to help new honest team player founders,

    I have a lot of problems with backpack space, i need more space & i would buy so much space if it was available, My friends have to hold stuff for me its really bad so at least i can dump alot of stuff I dont really use anymore because of my level,

    Please remember not to just join through community, message 1st, i always reply or you can reply here also, I would like to take care of afew at a time so I can just drop you things evenly, i obviously will run out,m when I do i will update this post and say that, I just dropped 500+ rustys and 600 cooper and 700 silver on the ground just now and nobody was able to take it, just so I was able to make 1 gun? its really horrible the inventory lol, way to may materials but I like to have extras of each

    (PS) I WILL FIND OUT IF ITS OK TO LIST MY COMMUNITY AND POST IT HERE BUT VERY EASY TO FIND WITH HINT ABOVE) and please send your friends invites to community because it is easy to help you join teams very easy, there is no system in game that allows you to join others unless you friend them and you cant be friending every single player that you play a game or run with, thats is how your friends list gets maxed out unnecessarily

    Please be honest in game and dont scam players, and never drop stuff if anyone tells you, hey drop all your stuff so i can see what you have, Do not ever do that, just little advice for new players

    Go Giants!
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    Are you aware that a large portion of the community on PS4, PC and XB1 don't ever check the forums?


      all i can tell you is that I never use forums, I am always told to go to forums lol, I totally agree with you, I could say in in the founder chat in game, are you new player looking for stuff or just helping me out to inform me about this, cause I can do a chat in founder chat in game?

      I mean I made an az out of myself a few days ago reporting a scammer thief on the game and hundreds replied mocking me lol so some people do use forums lol, funny thing about it , it was all non founders and non PS+ members that only have battle royal, I was just told to take it to forums, what do you suggest? I mean i can just toss everything on ground but that would me me just being arrogant and I am far from that lol


        and its ok to list my community because its 100% voluntary doing it so nobody benefits from it but all the players making new friends to play with 7 finding new and easy teams for PVE when they are hard sometime,s community is called: FORTNITE PVE LGF LFT & it will say community owner by me on top, all you do is join it and recommend all your friends sending them invites and it will be so easy to find groups, see most of these committees are for PVP but this i for both but mainly PVE, so help yourself & help others please, if anyone has founders chat and you see me on you can reach me there also i fyou see me on, i am always looking in founders chat box