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Which out of the 7 swords should I upgrade and use?


Which out of the 7 swords should I upgrade and use?

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  • Which out of the 7 swords should I upgrade and use?

    So I have 7 swords, 1 legendary and 6 epics I will now provide the gifs of each of the swords perks and you guys should tell me which one I should upgrade for my ninja. I don't know anything about perks so I will upgrade 1 to 3 stars.

    1. Huskcleaver
    2. Dragon Spear
    3. Dragon Spear (Different One)
    4. Dragon Sword
    5. Fortsville Slugger 2000
    6. Hydraulic Sword
    7. Vacuum Tube Spear

    If anyone took the time to look and this and pick the sword for me, thanks.

    Also tell me if I shouldn't upgrade any of them if they are all bad.

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    Personally, I would say none. Wait for a better legendary, that one is terrible. I wouldn't waste resources on any of those, there are too many opportunities to get legendary items. Just keep farming.


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      I didn't even check the stats. Spears are slow, so are dragon sword, hydraulic sword and huskcleaver. I think slugger is middle-class but no sword. If you intend to use the weapon on a ninja, go for storm blade or the kukri one, forgot the name of that. Something with the third. Those both have high speed and storm blade always comes with energy.
      if you plan on playing constructor, check for a good Mr. Red crowbar.
      If you don't want to play either of these, save the ressources.


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        I've been playing as a Ninja since I got this game and my sword of choice is the Storm blade. I find heavy swords to be very very slow and you can't exactly dodge enemies when you're in mid swing. Same with spears. I got a dragon spear and while it looks cool and has great stats it's still too slow for me.