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Dev Update #8 - Horde Bash Updates, Traps and Hero Balance


Dev Update #8 - Horde Bash Updates, Traps and Hero Balance

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  • Dev Update #8 - Horde Bash Updates, Traps and Hero Balance

    Heya folks,

    We posted our latest Dev Update, Zak touches on the Horde Bash adjustments from 1.7.1 as well as our Hero balance changes.

    Watch it here and keep that feedback coming!

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    The Horde Bash tree was added to the UI. Just keep it there and let us keep the unlocks for when Horde Bash comes back.


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      Halloween being based on the difficulty where you are in quest progression seems like it's punishing the higher levels for being higher level if it's not something similar to Horde Bash or Survive the Storm where you can back play the lower tiers to get certain rewards and only a few rewards are locked behind the higher ups. Concerns me on the sole basis it takes a lot more resources to be successful in Canny than it does in say Stonewood where you could just use the dirt cheap handmade ruler sword through out if you wanted. Still hating the RNG for limited time events, the new classes are all solid IMO, but being behind a RNG wall to get Legendary version you kind of take a hit if you already have Legendary versions of heroes leveled, the differences between epic and legendary are pretty negligible sure, but it's hard to justify trading in a lvl 30+ Legendary to start raising a lower rarity from lvl 1. It was one thing when it was just cosmetic, but now with full skill sets behind a limited time event it hurts those who feel the new chars are entertaining if they have poor luck, yeah they can get the guaranteed Epic versions but it's a lot of resources to train a hero up to the level where they're playable and if you're already playing with a legendary hero it's hard to justify both the level AND rarity loss to play with the new heroes and the Legendaries being behind RNG kind of sucks and punishes the higher level players. If you're just starting out the decision between leveling an Epic or a Legendary for the first time is pretty negligible and based on skills, but when you're established with things high level and need things high level to use it really punishes players who have invested time into the game to get to where they are and recycling to recoop your used resources isn't really a valid solution either since you lose that item. It'd be one thing if you could de-level at a small loss but still get to keep the item, but you can't so a high level has no way to recoop resources to switch to anything new.

      RNG on limited time items sucks.
      Events punish high level players since they need to invest a massive amount of resources to get any new items to usable levels to where they are in progression.
      The above two combined really just serve to screw over established players who are playing with high level legendary items who can't justify lowering level and rarity to enjoy any of the event content.
      Needs to be an option to de-level and keep the item so established players can actually enjoy the content or give out more resources for higher level event content, Horde bash's exp it gives is far too small at the higher tiers, if I'm playing t3 Horde you need level 30 items (level 20 works for some items like Rocket Launchers), but you can't level items to 30 on a whim to be able to use new items. If you got exp vouchers that could only be used on new items that'd solve the problem and you could award it through quest progression so higher levels can get exp they need to be able to use the new items at the level they are without over-saturating the market with exp that can be used for anything, sure it'd still give the established players a larger variety to use, but players that put a lot of time in it need to be able to use the event items as well not to mention it'd reward them for their progress instead of punish them by dangling new items in front of them it's simply not feasible to level and use especially if it's just for entertainment purposes and not simply because they're better which with something like the Raider they might just want to switch things up and use Shotguns for a match or two purely as a change of pace to their Headhunter or Special Forces Soldier, but since they're both better (IMO) than Raider and it costs so much you end up just ignoring what could be an entertaining change of pace simply because it's not worth the amount of resources required just for a change of pace and if you don't get that change of pace once in awhile you get fatigued by the game and just quit.