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Team killers kill the experience of PVP


Team killers kill the experience of PVP

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  • Team killers kill the experience of PVP

    I have found the need to create this thread because of the constant burden of playing with team killers, either just to kill you for kicks or to steal your loot.
    At 1 time I thought there was a daily objective that required you to revive a teammate, So the occaisional Idiot just might knock you down and give you a medikit to restore your heath, Or you hear them joke about it on the team chat.
    So from here on out I will be posting the image of the player team killing that I come across, if you have the same experience please post their names and if you can get a screenshot post as well or throw it up on YouTube and link the video, Don't let disgruntled players kill a great game.
    I have a suggestion for the development team, if a team member purposely knocks out another team member in squad or duo they should be automatically knocked out as well.
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ID:	137481 Came across these team killers


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      Team Killer for loot
      Killed one of my random teammates and then came over and killed me.
      This idiot laughed on the voice chat about killing the team even knowing that he was going to be reported.
      Now the big question is when we report these idiots, is Epic doing anything about it. Because if they are doing it they're doing it more than once and there hasn't been any consequences.
      Because a one day ban from the game doesn't really cut it for me.


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        Good news guys no more friendly fire