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looking for mature players to play Save the World PvE [PC]


looking for mature players to play Save the World PvE [PC]

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    looking for mature players to play Save the World PvE [PC]

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for regular mature players, around my age, who prefer chatting on discord or teamspeak instead of texting. It's so much more fun playing when having a laugh with your teammates.

    About me:

    Username: nn1tomis
    Age: 36
    Timezone: CET/UTC+1 (I also play crazy hours, so doesnt really matter)
    Mic: Yes

    I'm curently stuck at CV SSD3 and need a group to help. I'm happy to help you as well. I love playing SSD's as much as building them. I put A LOT of effort in my own base. It's not only really effective but very artsy. To give you an idea, for the first in each Storm Shield I always build what my friends call "The Transformer". Unfortunately they are not on much. So I'm really looking for people who play regularly.

    Would be cool if you are somewhat at the same stage as me. But I also wouldn't mind to carry someone along who is a little lower lvl, as well as if someone could carry me along. I'm still looking for someone who could pull me in StS PL 70 before the event ends.

    Hello because party finding is hard in game I have just made a Facebook page to help people find groups to play with. Not sure how to link it yet lol but just Facebook search fortnite party finder, and please share with others we can make it a great party finding system


      hey, whats up I'm looking for some people to play with I just started but have been playing none stop this game is addicting!
      Username: Jumpinbuddah420
      I play on my PC I built it my self :D and im 27 and would love to hop on discord or w/e chat program you use message me when you get this! i will also add you ingame