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EVP EHT NI SCITEMSOC?evp ni scitemsov


EVP EHT NI SCITEMSOC?evp ni scitemsov

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    EVP EHT NI SCITEMSOC?evp ni scitemsov

    Do you think cosmetics would be a good idea for the pve or not?
    I personally think this would be pretty cool since ive been using the same heroes for quite a lot of time and id like to change their appearance a bit and i really like some of the pvp heroes so seeing them in the pve would be nice.

    (titles dont seem to be working correctly from mobile xD )
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    Ha, yeah, had trouble with titles myself on mobile... But back to the topic.

    As for cosmetics in STW, I'd say it's a good idea. Sure, some heroes (all?) have minor cosmetic changes when they're evolved (helmets/hoods, accessories), but even then it's barely noticeable.

    Also, the only time your pickaxe ever seems to change appearance is when it's upgraded (or downgraded to the Zone level), so having a choice of pickaxe skin would be a nice touch.
    Were there any ideas that you've had on this? I'd be interested to hear what customization options other players have thought about.