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Lifestream and LFM (looking for member)


Lifestream and LFM (looking for member)

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  • Lifestream and LFM (looking for member)

    Yooo wassup Commanders?!

    I am gonna play tonight at 11pm MESZ (german time) and I need some mates to help me out playing because its quiet boring alone as you might know? (:
    On the other hand I am gonna stream the whole night through so if you canĀ“t play or want to learn something more about Fortnite you should tune in xP (stream might be in german but I am not afraid to talk english as well)

    To me I am 24 years old and I played Fortnite since I believe December 2015 so I kinda know alot about the game. But there is also more to explore since that game became crazy deep Skilltrees and so on and maybe you have few tips for me as well!

    Thats all right now if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me yo!


    Vivalavestro (Vestro)