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Where has the "save the world community" gone?


Where has the "save the world community" gone?

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  • Where has the "save the world community" gone?

    I absolutely love this game, but am finding it hard to complete campaign quests in level 64 Canny valley. There just aren't any people joining games. Several times I have built a fort on "save the shelter", only for the husks to start zerging without any assistance (no response in global chat). This is starting to get frustrating, I'm wasting hour upon hour.

    Potential Solution:
    1. Add 10 drops of rain as a reward for the "Play with others" option, as it seems all people seem to do is farm rain.
    2. Make rain more available on more than 2 quests in Canny (not sure about availability in other zones).

    This needs to be fixed before a whole lot more people leave the game.

    Looking forward to the feedback. Thanks.

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    I forgot to add, PC version


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      Unfortunately, a large percentage of the Save the World population appears to have left, either for Battle Royale or another game. Too much frustration with the game's balance issues, grind, and incompleteness.

      If you want to continue at level 64, you are going to have to make friends with someone around your level and play with them. The game population at that level is kind of small, so it might be difficult. Best of lucl!


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        I am currently lvl 55 and can help you with quest if needed. Just add to friend list and whenever I am online just hit me up for help.


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          I play on ps4, inviting people to a party is way harder cause you have to add their pan I'd. Like others said though, you need to find permanent player friends. No game has ever forced me to do thus more than fortnite. You'll enjoy the game way more once you make the effort to branch out and make online friends. The bonus is others will have access to better gear that you can use. Me, I have top of the line ceiling rappers but no launchers. The people I play with help with that. GL.


          • C0mm4nd3r_nga commented
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            Simple way I use is me and a few of my high lvl friends add people to our community then then they can join anyone in the community from the now playing tab without having to add them to there PSN friends list

            Community Name: Fortnite - Epic Games - PVE
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          Originally posted by sowhereaminow View Post
          Unfortunately, a large percentage of the Save the World population appears to have left, either for Battle Royale or another game. Too much frustration with the game's balance issues, grind, and incompleteness.

          If you want to continue at level 64, you are going to have to make friends with someone around your level and play with them. The game population at that level is kind of small, so it might be difficult. Best of lucl!
          I dont get why Epic wont finish the main game and really only release event content.


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            I enjoy seeing posts like these, it's only going to get worse before it gets better. I do have faith it will get better, but I personally feel it will come after more players leave.

            The reason I love these posts is this is the reality the average player faces, despite what the Epic loving, their word is the word of god crowd, wants to spew on these very forums. I've said it before, and I'll keep saying, they can keep loving epic and telling everyone the game is fine, they are stupid, their concerns are dumb, etc, and they are going to end up loving epic all by their lonesome. Sounds like a real good co op experience Eh?

            The answer to a co op game is NOT make friends (though friends are always good to have). Is NOT use discord. The answer is plain and simple, get players in the game. If you can't play a co op game with general match making, it's red flags all around. Something is wrong, pushing players away. The very thing the game is built on is missing, CO OP. it's hopefully 4 random people meeting up in the same place doing their own thing, and at the end meet up to shoot some stuff. That's not co op.

            The reason isn't because you are in C.V. You could have been slow playing like no other and still have hit C.V. if you started playing day 1. Heck, I was at. C.V before I took a 3 week break for destiny 2, and I went very slow with the game because I enjoyed it. Unless someone is a player that's only able to put in a few hours a week, or got stranded on quests due to low population, it's very easy to be in C.V. right now.


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              I totally agree that if the general match making is **** Fortnite has failed as an mmo but many player like me are waiting for CV to be finished before we advance.

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              I stopped progressing once I got c.v. for the simple fact that I really like the story and am perfectly fine waiting. I only went on to c.v. so I could farm malacite, and I knew as I farmed drops and xp since I wasn't progressing, my power would go up, so I wanted access to higher content to farm. (Aka more rewards).

              The game isn't losing players just from lack of content, but that is part of it. It's losing players from lack of communication, lack of action, lack of reward, and giving off the PERCEPTION of being a money pit. Add all that in on top of saving your 1000th survivor, it multiplies frustrations, even though it shouldn't.

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            I agree there seems to be no player base in canny valley . I want to progress but its hard to find players.


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              I think your problem may just be that you are way ahead of the curve. Most people are much lower PL than you so its less likely to auto match you with people. I see this with any game when you hit higher tiers. less players up there..

              Also, Im the only person I know who has ever even heard of Fortnite. I'm assuming that while the "Early Access" tag still applies they aren't marketing too much. You may just need to wait for more people to catch up. Also I think a lot of people are unclear about how important survivors and squads are and that slows down people's progression

              It's lonely at the top, but we're coming!


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                right now im at 40 PL and still have a good chunck of ppl playing, but maybe the PL gain slows a bit? i believe that when the game goes free it will swarm with new players!

                I think Battle Royalle is like a marketing bait aswell, something like "hey guys look! this is the new zombie game coming out! theres much more to come! try out the save the world soo u can see!", which is a brilliant strategy i must say haha!

                But rememeber that we as early access/founders got some big benefits that helped us rise fast trough the game, the F2P community will not have founder lhamas nor legendary heroes from founder packs and all that, soo i believe the progression for the new guys will be slower, soo i agree with FieshFace, right now we will be alone when we get to the top (im still lowbie/halfway haha), but in due time i believe population will rise and stabilize ^_^


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                  I'm PL 69 and you get to know a lot of the same names where I am questing lol. At least most of the people who are in my area are mostly competent enough to get by with and everyone seems to play the objective. I always run with another person or two and we can duo almost everything if need be. We are still really enjoying the game but we also are the type of gamers who enjoy grinding out levels coming from MMO type games. If I didn't have my friends to play with though I would not be playing in a solo capacity.

                  I guess my biggest complaint is people who just get into Canny and are right at PL 40 joining a PL 70 mission that isn't save the survivors or build the radar. I'm sorry but you are not ready for most level 70 missions when you are that low. Your traps don't do enough damage and it takes you way to long to drop a regular husk.

                  Other than that I am having lots of fun and really enjoying the community.


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                    I haven't hit 30 yet.

                    I've had the bluglo syphon quest for a week that I can't get done. I have no problem getting into missions with a full group I just have a problem of needing to do the objective because the rest of the group is either AFK or looting and I don't have time to do my quest.

                    Can't get a group for it either. I'm on PS4 and in order to make a group we need to add them to PSN. My youngest daughter uses my PS4 and we had a creeper problem with a guy I friended in another game so my PSN is private and staying that way.

                    Would be fantastic if we could make groups in game where it's needed.


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                      Blue glo spyhon quest ,later it will be deliver the bomb and shelter missions. Noone want to do them. All ppl are lazy and want to do just something what bring them imidiate benefit.


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                        this has been a pretty good pve community for fortnite


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                          The "Save the world" community is ****ing dead no thanks to the cancer that BR is. I spent 20 mins sifting thru the PvE missions to find at least ONE other player that was searching for a match but had no luck. So I gave up and logged off. Epic games is only worried about riding the coat tails of PUBG and H1Z1, Their idea of PvE was to exploit the hype of the game for them to only introduce a game mode that imo has already become over saturated. To me, the founders/backers of this game got cucked, hard. I bought this game on its sole premise of it being a tower defense game, one that actually looks promising and full of potential. But why listen to your fans when you can just pander to the masses. Personally I think Epic Games just threw the big "**** you" to the PvE community and took our money.


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                            I think the problem is 3 things

                            1) Early access small PvE community
                            2) Really, bad matchmaking system that is WAY to spread out
                            3) The random loot/experience for each level further encourages a divide in were players go.

                            How to fix?

                            1) Can't be fixed at the moment unless they implement something to draw more people in
                            2/3) Make it so when people select the option to help random other players they get to make some choices for example
                            - Choose to play anything or mutant storm only
                            - Allow them to select what type of resource they would like to receive (the game has diminishing returns if they keep selecting the same one)
                            - Create some way to better allow players of different levels to play together while still always benefiting

                            As it stands high levels have almost nothing to gain from helping in lower areas and there is not enough player base in high level areas to make it playable for most.


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                              I solely play the StW side of it. Care nothing for BR. And I can say that it did become harder to find missions with people in it when BR came out, but not horribly bad depending on how you look. The main reason I hate BR so much is because its on the same fracking servers as StW and is causing all the lag. If they want that game so bad, put it on its own **** server. Let them slow themselves down and StW people play just fine without having to worry about running off the edge of the world because someone joined the match and caused a lag spike (happened to me more than twice)

                              In fact, I would love a command line function that I can add to my launcher that just puts me directly into StW mode so I can skip the loading screen to get to the screen to select which one I want to play. The one I paid for or the one I want to press the recycle button on. Just to get another loading screen to actually load it up. How about I go directly to that loading screen, or do both at once, so I dont have to wait pause wait.
                              SO minor of a comment/feature but its the little things that annoy people most sometimes. This is actually what I was searching the forums for when I found this post.

                              I'm in CV myself, and I think I really took my time getting there. So its not surprising that there are a lot more people there. I see them quite often about my power level or above actually. But where I generally find them is in plankton. I've actually gotten into the habit of doing Quick Play missions in plankton. Sure I may not get the exact resources i'm looking for to advance my armory, and not get any commander xp, but I am getting Gold which is friggin awesome addition. Just made my purple hero I use ALL THE TIME into legendary finally. Which is great because I cant even get that hero anymore since its an even hero.

                              Once in a while when i want to advance my commander xp I do Quick Play missions in CV. And often get thrown in with 2 other people, still not even a full group.

                              As for farming resources. I agree, adding drops to the Play with Others would be incredibly helpful. Because most of the time when I'm starting my own games is because i'm specifically looking for hundreds of drops of rain. Or other others like Lightening/Storm ect. For drops i've resigned myself to doing Stonewood missions solo for Drops. If some lowbie shows up, awesome. I'll help them out with whatever side quest they need done as well. But there are a few times that i'm soloing in Stonewood at PL58, and three more people filter in all at PL40+ as well. So here you have a CV level group questing in in Stonewood just because thats where the rain is, and since they arn't expecting a group, where they can actually complete the mission solo without having to spend an hour building a fortress around Lars so the trap can kill everything you cant get to.

                              When I start needing CV resources to rebuild my weapons I hop into a game that I would like to finish. But if after farming out the keepable resources I want, nobody has joined, then I abandon the mission because there is NO WAY i'm going to complete a mission solo in CV currently. And its a catch 22 because I havent upgraded my weapons to 4* yet because of the resouces needed for them.
                              Ive actually given thought to making a secondary weapon set and leaving them at lower * to use in lower missions. In lower missions I generally use looted junk instead of recycling it.