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  • Trading

    I recently lost all my items to a person who asked me to trade. I had no idea what reading was. He kicked me out of the stronghold and took all
    my items. I don’t recommend anyone trade:(

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    I'm sorry to hear about that. I got scammed in a trade once but we all learn. Rules of trading you should keep in mind:
    1- Never drop items first unless you are lower level than the other guy
    2- Always run a video recorder and record all your trades. Report if the guy scammed and get him banned with a video of proof. If went successfully, you can delete the video after.
    3- Never drop too many items. Say you are trading 3 stacks of nuts and bolts for 3 stacks of Silver ore of his, ratio is 1:1 here. If you're lower level, risk only 1 stack of nuts and bolts, ask him to drop 1 stack of silver, then continue on one by one. Do NOT drop all 3 stacks at once even if you're lower level.