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[Guide] Tips/Strategies to Trading & More

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[Guide] Tips/Strategies to Trading & More

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    [Guide] Tips/Strategies to Trading & More

    Hello traders of the Fortnite community!
    Welcome to MegaNegative-'s trading guide.

    About me:
    At the time of making this thread, I'm a level 61 player in Fortnite Save The World. I started back in September, and I'm in Twine Peaks.
    This guide will hopefully serve to benefit you in your future trading with other Fortnite players.

    In this guide we will focus our attention to:
    • Why should we trade?
    • Pros & Cons with trading
    • Trading Locations
    • Trading Techniques
    • Trading Guns, Resources or Materials

    Trading with players opens the opportunity for yourself to assist someone, or benefit yourself in gaining materials, resources or even guns. Trading is an easier way to get things instead of having to "do it yourself". Trading is also universal, allowing you to obtain other players materials, resources and guns of any level, anytime.

    I underline both pros and cons that are extremely important to remember when trading with other players.

    • Easy to obtain
    • Gather better resources, guns
    • No need to work towards anything
    • Build a reputation
    • Can ruin the experience of playing the game
    • Potential scamming

    Trading is becoming a globally invested alternative to playing the game. Trading locations can range from meeting on a platform, or in a community, group, site, party chat, etc.
    Typically a general trade will take place at a players Storm Shield or Mission/Quest.

    Here are some tips that have become helpful when trading with other Fortnite community members:

    When you are in another players Storm Shield that are unknown to you...
    • Ask for proof of what they claim to have so you don't get scammed right off the hop. (Screenshot, Shareplay, Dropping)
    • Have the host of the game drop their items first. (This can be a preferance)
    If the host asks you to trade in a "box", this is what you say/do..
    • First you say no. 9/10 times, this is a scam. The host will require you to drop your items to show them that you have it. If you do decide to drop your items, you are vulnerable to having yourself kicked. If you dropped all your items and were kicked, your items are gone.
    • The other option the host may say to you is to drop your items from a 20 ft distance or so. This is more sketchy and isn't recommended.
    The best method to trading anybody (Storm Shields, Missions/Quests)
    • Trading at a 1 by 1 radius, player-player trading is the best way to not be scammed. (preferance at who goes first is another decision to be made between you and your partner)
    • If you are trading bulk materials, resources, and or guns spread out the amount you're both exchanging in quarters, half's etc so that if you do get scammed, you don't lose everything.

    When trading with anyone, there is usually a ratio at which people trade their personal belongings at. The trading market for most items is either 1:1, or 1:2. In this section of the guide, I will direct you to tiers and more ratio's of typical trades and tips. Here you will learn from my personal experiences with many traders that are the standard. This is a guide, and isn't the absolute fact for all, use this information at your own advantage to try and grow your own reputation.

    Wealthiest Tier:
    Legendary Guns level 40/50
    Level 4/5 Resources (Obsidian, Shadowshards, Brightcore, SunBeam, Sleek Mechanical Parts, Black char mineral powder etc.)

    Wealthy Tier:
    Legendary Guns level 30
    Level 3 Resources (Malachite, Sturdy Mechanical Parts etc.)

    Lower Tier:
    Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic Guns of any level
    Trading resources that are below 3
    Trading materials such as wood, stone or metal are low

    Learn about resources from Fortnite's wiki.

    Common ratio's for resources:
    One stack of resources = 99

    99 Shadowshards = (2-3 Stacks of Malachite), (1.5-2 Stacks of Obsidian), (2-3 Stacks of Sleek Mechanical Parts), (5 Stacks of Sturdy Mechanical Parts), (10 Stacks of Nuts & Bolts), (3-5 Stacks of Bacon/Herbs), (Legendary Guns level 40+)

    99 Obsidian = (25-50 Shadowshards), (2 Stacks of Malachite), (2 Stacks of Sleek Mechanical Parts), (3 Stacks of Sturdy Mechanical Parts), (5 Stacks of Nuts & Bolts), (2-3 Stacks of Bacon/Herbs), (Legendary Guns level 30+)

    99 Malachite = (10-25 Shadowshards), (20-50 Obsidian), (2 Stacks of Sturdy Mechanical Parts), (1-2 Stacks of Bacon/Herbs), (Legendary Guns level 30+)

    In order to be profitable, players must play the game. There is no point trading if you are not getting anything to benefit you in the future. My best recommendation is to trade for resources and not guns! Gaining guns as a low level does not give the full damage perspective that the player would receive if he/she was the level to use it. Guns traded are also not schematics; meaning they will break, and then they're gone. Resources are everlasting until you outuse them.

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    Hi at the time of making this i have many 106 and 130 guns and i would like to put up a trading guide

    3 copper= 1 silver
    10 silver= 1 malicite
    1 malicite = 3 obsidian/4 shadowshard
    10 obsidian= 1 brightcore
    7 shadowshard = 1 brightcore
    12 obsidian= 1 sunbeam
    9 shadowshard= 1 sunbeam

    11 ore ( e.g sunbeam, copper) = a reasonably good gun of the correponding level ( e.g 11 copper for a level 10 gun)
    15 ore = a full duribility slightly rare gun of the corresponding level with above average perks
    20 ore= an extremely rare gun ( buzzcut, pummerler, sunsetter) completely full durability exeptional roles


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