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    Come and Share your favorite stories from your experiences in Fortnite.
    Tell us how you single handily fought off entire hordes of husk with nothing but your revolver or the time you survived the rush of 30 men on your wooden base.
    No matter what your story real or fake it is sure to be a good tale.
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    Not much of a story, went DBNO in a 50/50 last night, got saved by a random Skull Trooper who ran back to pick me up when he seen I was crawling to safety.

    Went down again seconds later to a sniper, just inside the circle, and the storm was closing in fast, doing like 10dps (it killed my squadmate) and he (skull trooper) ran back while under sniper fire, picked me up again and even dropped a medpack for me. We won like 2 seconds after I stood up.

    After all the horror stories of team killers out there (and a few experiences), this restored my faith in Randomers.

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      So I decided to do a pick-axe only run and allowed traps (50v50) I mainly just ran around and dodge the enemies. Obviously I got shot at a couple of times but never really took much damage however towards the end is when things got hilarious. There was a sniper on a hill and he was firing down so I built steps up hopeig my teammates would follow. They didn’t. I was eventually pushed into his base by the storm I snuck around and as he repositioned I snuck up behind him built a wall and dropped my wall trap killing him. At this point I was dying of laughter seeing as I had just killed a guy without a gun and about 45 bandages. Some guy snuck up on me and shotgunned me. Before he could finish however my teammate ran up the hill and killed him revived me and we out ran the storm. I won the game and basically fell over.


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        this board is for Save The World, not Battle Royale. There is a section in the forums for BR