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fortnite 50%off on pc only ?


fortnite 50%off on pc only ?

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  • fortnite 50%off on pc only ?

    the pc version is 50% off as 12/20/17 im trying to upgrade my girlfriend account on xbox amy idea why the sale is on pc only ???

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    Upgrading though the PC version if u can. Last sale the PC prices were lower then the Ps4 price by 5-15$ . I mostly play on ps4 but used pc version to upgrade when i noticed the price difference.


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      It's not PC only, check out the announcement though. The PC sale starts(ed) on the 19th (two days ago).

      The console sales do not start until the 22nd, which is not until tomorrow.

      Edit: I partially miswrote that, as PS4 North America sale started on 19th as well, but the one for Xbox did not, here is the full schedule for the start of the sale:
      • PC/Mac - December 19
      • PS4 North America - December 19
      • PS4 Europe - December 22
      • Xbox - December 22
      So XBox sale starts tomorrow and like all the sales, ends on question mark.
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