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Homebase Ideas for Save The World

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    Homebase Ideas for Save The World

    In my opinion the Home base menu screen is a bit boring for me and think that you should be able to add more things to do, so these are my ideas that would be cool for the Home base.
    • Interact more with Home Base.
    Should be able to walk around inside the home base as the commander and can chat to the hero's, and probably chat to Ray, add in a Firing range so you can test out your weapons on targets, like in the menu screen there would be a place where you could Choose a mission to play, Check your quests, have a table where you can see your collection book, Schematics and hero's and have a area to buy llamas and whack them like how the Outlander Spawns the loot llama.
    • Social place.
    A area where you can chat to other commanders, maybe customize your commander and can trade your Schematics, V-Bucks, Hero's ect. Do activity's like, i dunno a 1v1 place?
    • Practice Doing Defence missions and ect
    In the homebase there would be a teleporter or something that can take you to a place where you can make a giant fort and can choose which defence mission to do, Retrieve the data, fight the storm ect.
    you would start with 999 Wood, Stone and Metal, have limited amount of crafting mats like 2-3 stacks of mats to craft bullets and traps, you start with only 5 weapons that have unlimited durability of your choice.
    You can choose what Power lvl the enemies are, you won't receive any rewards.

    Thank you for reading what ideas i have, Sorry if my Writing isn't detailed enough i don't really make these posts

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    @MrSkeleton295: Yep, I'm well aware, which is why I don't see it happening anytime soon; these ideas are not related to core gameplay, mission diversity or hero balance - all of which are more essential to the base game than these ideas. Your ideas are nice flavour concepts, but the game won't break without them there.

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    Remember the game is still in early access.

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    Something like this would be nice, but I don't see it being any time soon =(

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