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???? think about it


???? think about it

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    ???? think about it

    *i dont mind if Fortnite dont update the PvE for now.


    -a map where players (10-15 or more) can connect at the same time.
    -a map where everyone can socialize
    -more mission(hub related)
    -10x10 building area (players house).
    >can decorate and more
    >2 modes and you can switch it.
    1. Main building (auto save)
    2. Temporary (reset when switching)

    *Good for building event and sharing ideas like traps and more. Plus dummies to try the traps.

    Knuckle (weapon)

    -new weapon
    -its cool
    -who doesn’t like to ????????punch the smasher?

    PvP (when humanity’s population reach 50%) after fighting the storm for a 100 ys

    -Guild was created
    -Resources start getting low
    -The storm is weak but its there
    -Who knows what will happen next cause now that everyone doesn’t share the same goal as savings the world and survival from storm.

    *Elite battle between hero class and Guilds!!! J
    *Fight with the hero you want and show them your skill!!
    *Zombie-like being would make it more interesting!!!!

    Animals(same idea and more ????)

    -During an expedition you found a Doggo in distress and help the Dog(or other animal)
    -Long ago before storm animals start disappearing and no one knows where did they go.
    -This doggo will help you in your journey
    -but realized some did not survive the storm ☔️ and become your enemy....????☹️????????

    •Gameplay Video
    -making a video and saving it.
    -video mode
    1. Your character !
    2. Free and follow mode(cameraman?)

    Thank you for reading who ever you are:

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