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  • FaceBook linking

    So I have had this problem. I only have 1 account and it says my facebook is already connected to an epic games account. Is there any ways I can unlink my facebook from my account

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    You do realise this is in completely the wrong area for the kind of attention you are hoping to get. This board is for players to:

    Discuss Lore, the Characters and Stories of Fortnite, and create your own persona here.
    You are not going to get tech support on this board. Have you logged a bug through the Epic support system, since this is not a Fortnite specific issue?

    Try this:
    1. Go to
    2. Log in if you aren't already logged in
    3. Go to Account > Connected Accounts
    4. Disconnect your Facebook account if you wish
    5. Reconnect your Facebook account if you wish
    6. See if that fixes your problem
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