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    Stw new mission/mode

    It would be cool to have a new mission/mode called storm horde. This would be good to keep the longevity of high tier players who are worried about things are running out to do.
    this mission/mode would be like gears of war horde mode.
    50 waves of increasing difficulty of hordes of husks. Every 10th wave will be a boss wave.
    You can build defences in select area or safe place where enemies don't spawn.
    If someone gets down they need a player to revive in a time limit or unless a husk kills them. Players killed can't respawn until wave is completed by surviving players. Killed players could spectate.
    Once completed you get rewards depending on the finishing wave.
    Rewards could be xp for survivor hero and weapon. Extra rewards can be event tickets and if beat 50 waves a random legendary weapon or hero.

    I can see this being very popular with heaps of replay ability. Also if added to pve it could be more selling point for PvP players to buy since gears of war horde mode was a big reason just to buy the game. Just an idea but I would love to see this and would be excited to play even more.

    Yes. This would be incredible. Horde was absolutely amazing and something but with Fortnites building mechanics..... That'd be awesome.

    The name might have to be different to avoid too many comparisons. And it'd take quite a while to make and quite a lot of work.

    But overall I think it would pay off and become a really good edition to the game.
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      Originally posted by ClassyRussian View Post
      I can see this being very popular with heaps of replay ability. Also if added to pve it could be more selling point for PvP players to buy since gears of war horde mode was a big reason just to buy the game. Just an idea but I would love to see this and would be excited to play even more.
      I see a problem with this that dungeon defenders also has. Since rewards are massively deciced on victories, its better to take a mode in which you can get realy far compared to a mode where you cant. So rewards should be scaled in a fair way. I think on that the level of the enemies at which you lost should be considered for that (with a minimum count of waves completed so you arent going excessively high and disrupt games there as low level player).

      Another thing. Short survival modes (like 30 minutes) are generaly more fun than very long ones (2 hours for a single round). A long mode usualy has a lot of time of waiting to reach the late game, in dungeon defenders these modes could take 3 hours of which the first 2 hours were not very interesting. Because of that 50 waves is excessive. Even with waves of 2 minutes you would be required to play for like 2 hours to finish it. in 2 minutes enemies cant do a lot. for that i would say waves should be longer, and lets use the benchmark of the van missions where defending can take 4,5 minutes. I think this is a good baseline for a wave lenght. And mission duration, i would say that between 30 minutes and 60 minutes is acceptable. This means we can have between 5 and 10 waves.

      The advantage with less waves is that you can scale between waves faster, and also set benchmarks easier. Lets say that the level of the enemies decides the value of the rewards rather than the completed Y/N.
      If we assume this can be started in a PL40 mission and we say that the waves scale by 10% each wave. This gives as PL values: 40, 44, 48, 52, 57, 62, 68, 76, 83, 91,100 in just 10 waves. With that we can even make it scale to infinity (although this should NOT be done due to the potential to exploit this and reach absord numbers with absurd rewards - imagine a glitch in which the core would never die unless a player stands on it and enemies cause splash damage to hit it).

      But even then, if you are level 80, why would you even have to play the first 7 waves if you are well capable of beating them anyway? Why not start at level 80? And if you can beat 120, why not start there? This is the problem i see with endurance modes. A decent endurance mode is usualy causing a few things, or at least has it covered:
      - It becomes more difficult over time (since this is what causes such mode to become intense) - dungeon defenders did this correctly, but too slow to be fun. In left 4 dead there was a point at which difficulty couldnt scale any further (after 16 minutes the game would reach the limits of what it could throw at you). At this point you could normaly hold out a little, but once reaching any problem situation, it often would cause you to die. This made exceeding 20 minutes a massively difficult task if you werent exploiting. Most teams couldnt exceed the 10 minutes however, while organized teams realy struggled at the 15 minute mark (do imagine a smasher that can 1 hit kill a player every 45 seconds, the l4d tank was able to 2 hit any player, in l4d2 they however made it dumber on that except on easier modes where the tank required a lot more hits and could be easily targeted down).
      - It usualy forces you to move around (camping at 1 spot is often an indication of a problematic area, even if the objective is at 1 position. this requires a map with multiple entrances) - dungeon defenders at lower level areas did have the problem that you could manage your base from just 1 position, later maps did perform this ok-ish (you could lock down many areas to not require any attention and the players could hold the last few lanes), left 4 dead (which actualy was far more fun) did have the problem that you could too easily camp at 1 spot. The spitter they added was designed to fix this, but some areas were unhittable and still caused the same issue.
      - Variety is important (either the objective influences the game, or enemies change over time and get new abilities). Many games have static maps, and they allowed decent variety and could be made to counter the issues. A randomly placed base can easily create a problem of a 1lane area, and this makes the mode very dependant on randomness. This is what is going to cause most problems here since at an ideal position 1 player can already manage the waves untill the enemies simply require more dps and the player cant catch up (a not very interesting scenario).
      - Depletion of resources: most game have infinite ammo and resources, but only obtainable at horrible positions making it a risk/reward scenario that eventualy becomes impossible. This game with its craft system can have a huge number of resources, but this is at the same time also its problem. As long as you can keep crafting your defenses you can hold out very long. A good system would either enforce getting depleted (and in this game that would be horrible since it would require a massive grind to get it all back), or they simply wouldnt rely on depletion to begin with and instead make sure that enemies simply get tougher by being able to use more methods to get defenses destroyed (i.e. enemies need unique abilities, and these constantly need to be updated by the dev team to cover exploits, and these abilities should not rely much on synergizing effects since with randomizing that would influence the balance to much. Imagine an enemy can that can disable traps combined with a smasher that 1 hits walls, vs a weapon disabling enemy combined with a smasher that 1 hit walls. Although the latter case is effective, the 1 hit effect would snowball very quickly due to the team dps being reduced a lot. these synergies should treated as if its an effect on its own, and by that allow balancing on that synergy specificly. ie. in that smasher situation, it would ensure that it would not disable the entire team too easily).
      - A unique chalenge: In tf2's MvM mode upgrades were capped and the maps were quite static, but maps had multiple modes. While bots didnt change, the missions themselve had diffirent chalenges given to players. And these chalenges had the difficulty decided by a lot more factors (tougher enemies werent the only counter), giants could sometimes burst a lot of damage, cause disruption, or require focussed fire from certain players (sometimes attacking a giant was a bad idea as your mistake was able to instantly heal it back to full). Some medics just healed, some healed at absort values, some had shields, and some caused invulns. The giant medic was able to cause all effects and realy became an unstoppable force whenever it ubered.

      This are all factors that should be considered. And just 1 exploit is capable to destroy it all. Creating seperate chalenges that mimic the endurance modes are much better on that.
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