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Can I pull Fortnite's .Uasset files into a new UE project? I want the MUSIC! :)


Can I pull Fortnite's .Uasset files into a new UE project? I want the MUSIC! :)

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    Can I pull Fortnite's .Uasset files into a new UE project? I want the MUSIC! :)

    Hello everyone,

    So I wanted to ask the forums about this. I don't know who to turn to really and I am not looking for a real answer to this; but maybe a solution or alternative.

    Right now, my goal is that I am trying to get all the music from the "STW" campaign. From using the latest version of "Umodel" and having the AES key for the most update version of fortnite (season 5) I was able to open the data files that are for the game (the .pak file). You can access all the models, meshs, textures, and the like but I don't care about that I just want the music.

    I was able to find a directory called "Sounds" and it has all the effects and sounds in the game. The problem is that the sounds come in two formats, ".ogg" & ".opus". Ogg files are open source sound files and I remember them from when I used to have Ubuntu Linux. Opus files, I have never heard of but they are sounds files nonetheless. The problem is that Umodel can't extract the .Opus file from the .pak like it can with the .ogg files and other data that is in there.

    So I because of that, I got about 95 to 100% of all sounds effects but only 4-5 actual songs. The rest of the songs are in the .opus file. So threre is only one way I can get the music now.....

    "Umodel" can't extract opus files, but if can copy out the unreal data instead. So I can pull the assest and bulk files that you use in unreal engine 4.20....the problem is there is no way for me to access the .uassest & the .ubulk files. I tried downloading and installing unreal engine 4.20 (from the epic launcher) and creating a new project so I can the .uassest files and .ubulk files into the project but I haven't been able to find a way to do this properly so the assest show up. If I can get those assests, I can grab the opus file and turn it into mp3s.

    My real goal is to put extended versions of the save the world music on youtube since nobody has it. My last method involved me using audcity to record the audio for the games and disable all the other sounds. That is still kinda hard to do and get a clean version of the song.

    If anyone has any ideas or solutions or questions please let me know. Thanks

    /Extra info below

    As far as the sounds folder from fortnite I am trying to access the files inside of the file path of: "Sounds/Fort_Music/Orchestral_Score/Orchestral_Exploration"

    Meanwhile just as an added note, here are all the names of each folder inside of the sounds folder for fortnite. There are a ton of effects but none of them give me the daytime music, or the new canny valley music.







































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      Originally posted by Ricz0r View Post

      Please see the Terms of Service in full. It should be able to answer your question.
      I feel like this is a short way to tell me its illegal to get there music so everyone can hear it.

      So just to confirm, everyone on youtube who has the battle royal theme music for listening to is violanting Epic's copyright policy.

      In other words, unlike other video game publishers; EPIC doesn't allow you to release the OST of there STW music to anyone.....even though I posted music on here from STW multiple times and this is the first time this is brought up to me because instead of using Audcity, I used umodel?

      Ha of course no one wants to listen to EPIC's music; that is why they don't release it and change it every so often.

      Good luck anyone other there trying to find there music as its illegal.


        Would anybody mind telling me the new aes key??


          Originally posted by fylo6yt View Post
          Would anybody mind telling me the new aes key??
          Seeing as how the mod gave me some guidelines answer instead of helping me out here. (Or maybe its the only way he could help as its truly illegal to obtain there music because EPIC doesn't want anyone to listen to there music that they put in there game.) I feel its not best for you to ask something like that on here. I would point hints but I feel like people are just going to give me problems if I do.

          Sorry, this probably isn't the place to ask even though I have it.


            yes, it might possible. However, this would require unpacking the game files from the encrypted pak file, and finding a way to version them, since ue4 requires versioned assets to work properly. However, this is just speculation, and as far as I am concerned, it has not been done this method before.