Hello there! My name is Maleficara (Mal-eh-feh-kara) or just “Mal” and I love the power of words.

We can all agree that the world Epic Games has created for us leaves us with as many questions as it gives us answers. I, myself, am passionate about using the imagination to expand and build upon this world and the characters within it. I am very excited to see both In Character, and Out of Character posts as role-playing has been a large part of my life for over two decades. Role-playing may be new to many players or not something really known in Fortnite up till this point but I know we can do something fantastic with our combined experiences and understanding not only for role playing but also to build content and lore for the game in general. I sincerely believe that we can create a creative community that, through our works, expands on the Fortnite World and becomes an inclusive hub where our imaginations are allowed to run wild.

This forum will of course grow and expand and take on a life of its own over time and as we ourselves do our part in attracting to people to come experience the “World” with us. The guidelines I have posted are merely some ideas I have for the type of content we can come together and create. Please do not feel that you are restricted by those ideas. Creativity is a living thing and as we interact and are inspired by each other the World we're playing in will become a more rich and varied environment.

I would like to thank everybody who has helped to welcome and taught me about Fortnite. From streamers, to “randoms”, and all those using other mediums to discuss Fornite, all of us have the power to shape the world and the experiences of others and this is surely an exciting time to come on board and be a part of the expanding Fortnite community.

Also, I like cats and snacks. And plasma...mmmmm...plasma.

~ Mal

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