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Some ideas designed to inspire:

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Some ideas designed to inspire:

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  • Some ideas designed to inspire:

    To kick off our shiny new forums I wanted to take a moment and share some ideas I had for content we can create together. I am sure that many of you out there are talented, creative people and I look forward to creating a wonderful and exciting world with you. I hope the ideas I present below will get your creative juices flowing and give us a great jumping off point to start producing some amazing player created creative writing and discussion!

    Keep in mind when creating content it might be a good idea to denote in the subject of your content if it is an IC/RP piece of content. This will help those of us who are excited to find and participate in that form of content a lot easier.

    Let the discussions begin! Bon appétit!
    • Mysteries, Conspiracies and Theories!
      • My idea here is to take a different approach than we see in most "fantasy" type games. Taking a cue from the popularity of Sci-Fi conspiracy theories, Ancient Aliens, and paranormal conspiracies we instead present many lore and zone aspects as more of a tongue in cheek conspiracy or Twilight Zone flavour
    • Commander Dossier (Player driven backstory and content)
      • My idea here is that instead of being one-of-many Tank Penny's or B.A.S.E Kyle's players could choose to give favourite Commander a name and backstory. We can't forget those Husks though either, there will be plenty of encounter stories for them too!
    • Commander's Tavern (Active Role-play and Story threads)
      • Taking a page from the long history of role playing this is a place where threads may be created as if they were living breathing conversations and interactions between Commanders in the setting of a gnarly post-apocalyptic watering hole where the Root-Beer is "sort of chilled" and the banter is witty. Players may also post role play interactions conducted while "field" as well.

    Technology is best when it brings people together. - Matt Mullenweg

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    Hello, I’ve been playing fortnite since about a week or two after first launch. And I got to say this is the best game I have ever played. And the fortnite team is doing an excellent job with all the cool additions to the game.

    One big question I have for all of you, is..... when u load into your storm shield I believe it’s on the north side that slopes down from the shield generator, there’s the big door, to what seems to go into the actual base itself. But we can’t use it for anything, have you guys ever thought about using that area for like a community/ global trading market place/ hang out Area?? Where other global players could be seen running around and dancing, trading things that can’t be dropped like pure drops of rain, lighting in a bottle or even schematics! You could even put in some vendors that require vbucks, or completion of side quests for special items??
    I think that would be beyond awesome!!
    Either way, I’ll be playing fortnite until fortnight 2 comes out!


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      Why make a Fortnite 2? Making a sequel to an early access game that isn't finished probably isn't a very good idea. Also mmos getting sequels instead of improving the base game (looking at you destiny) while also screwing over people who sunk hours into the first game is just a no.


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        I don't know if anyone said we need clans and maybe put skins in for the walls floors Basically all the building stuff I think it be cool get different skins and change the Colors of your building stuff so you can be unique
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