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  • Missy "Miss Anthropic" Kytain

    Outlander: Missy “Miss Anthropic” Kytain

    I wasn't born greedy. Honest.

    As I aged however I discovered that I had super powers. They may not have been considered what most would think of as conventional superpowers, but they were mine. Power one, sarcasm. Never for a moment doubt that sarcasm can indeed be a super power. I have both created a good number of bad situations by inappropriately putting this power to use but I have also de-escalated many more situations with the same power. Then we have my second power, cynicism, this was well developed before the Storms ever hit, but since that time they have mutated and begun to turn me into a creature I barely recognize anymore.

    In the daily struggles, we now face I find that I avoid most, if not all, other survivors. Naturally, I come across some of you from time to time and you are pleasant enough, or silent, so many of you are simply silent. When I encounter either of these things I find everything goes well enough. It was during a brief period of cooperation however that I noticed I had a third gift I had previously not realized. I can find goodies. It's not only the ubiquitous toilet bacon that I find with ease but just about everything that people find remotely valuable.

    I am finding now that my power of cynicism and this newer power of having such keen eyes is creating a bit of an uncomfortable situation for me. While I generally wish to avoid, everyone, by having more resources I seem to be becoming more popular than I have previously experienced. What is a girl to do? I could trade more frequently and explore this world of being helpful, but, would that not encourage people to depend on me instead of developing their own keen eyes? I am at a loss, truly.

    Perhaps I could insist that before trading my fellow survivors are bathed, or at least wash their hands. Perhaps I could insist each trade must be accompanied by a new bacon recipe. There are many things to consider. I do know those few Commando types I encounter could really do without their scary face paint, you're trying to bargain with me not scare me away forever!

    In thinking about it more I suppose I could dedicate myself to teaching a few people I find less distasteful than the rest something about these methods I use. Teach a man to fish over simply giving him a fish, something like that, this is indeed something to consider.

    In conclusion, I suppose I could state what I hope those who read this take away from my rambling. I hope that you realize I am not “greedy” per-say, I simply have super powers. With me, you get cynicism, sarcasm, and if you're lucky and it is a good day, a gift of bounty.

    Perhaps I will introduce you to a companion I built for myself. Cooter the Llama. Yes, Cooter. Make fun of him and there will be no loot for you. He may end up being the solution to all of my problems. A cure for loneliness without having to depend on those few of us who remain.

    Technology is best when it brings people together. - Matt Mullenweg

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    "Miss Anthropic". I'm about that.

    I enjoyed the read!


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      Very much enjoyed! It is the other side of the coin from my short, which is focused more on the actions, whereas this is more about the thoughts and has managed to stick some life lessons in there too :D

      I have one suggestion for you; try out Grammarly. It helped me to make the flow of my original wording smoother, and spot some spelling fails.

      If you're up for it Mal we could try a mini collaboration and have these two characters meet. I think maybe another installment each to set a bit more tone and background, then we could chat to find out what kind of responses each character is likely to have. Perhaps do a set dialog between then, then in each of our collab shorts we can use identical dialog, but add in our own characters thoughts and motivations.

      Spitballing ideas here, lemme know your thoughts^


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        Actually, I have been trying that out (Grammarly) just not the Upgraded cause, WHEW EXPENSIVE.

        Grammar in pieces like this has always been something I toss out the window in little bits. If only because I write for them as they would be speaking. The bad habit picked up after years in a game where your text was your speech.
        Technology is best when it brings people together. - Matt Mullenweg