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Switching between heros appearances within rarity and evolution


Switching between heros appearances within rarity and evolution

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    Switching between heros appearances within rarity and evolution


    First and foremost, thank you EPIC for the advancements and commitment to making STW more challenging, yet user friendly.

    The new hero system has been both a joy and a challenge for many.

    Getting straight into the topic. For a while now, I have had many conversations regarding the appearances of the heros. There are so many awesome looks for each hero in regards to their different rarity.

    I have found myself plenty of times keeping a lower rarity hero because I loved the Epic clothing choice better than the legendary option. Sometimes a color choice makes all the difference. This female gotta have her pink Brawler Luna. I'm just saying.

    But the catch we would be in order to swap between rarities' clothing you must have a higher rarity hero equipped and evolved. You can't have the style of the Epic hero if you have only the common or rare version.

    There have also been times were recent mythic heros may even have cool looks without evolving; once evolved there's no way of going back to their previous appearances within the evolution path.

    Given that I am a high level player, I need to evolve in order for them to be playable in high level zones.

    For example, you have characters like Lynx and Dire where they show their true human form. I would loveeeeee to be able to walk around with their cool looks. They are new models and I would love to see their face sometimes and previous clothing from any of the evolution stages if I wanted.

    Hopefully in the near furture we could have this cool feature in the new hero management section aiding in a more player based customization.

    Thank you!
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