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The Future of Save the World

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The Future of Save the World

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  • The Future of Save the World

    We’ve heard some of your top concerns and here’s what we’re doing!

    Creative Director, Darren Sugg has written and published an in-depth plan of action/dev blog. Check it out here!

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    Woot!!! That takes care of one of the 3 things i listed here...


    Suggestion - consider expanding event store (the buying items directly with tickets, if thats what is implied, to the rest of the game outside of events)
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      You all being great at giving us feedback is what helps drive these changes. So be sure to continue being active in giving us ways we can improve and we will do our best to do right by our players!
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        Ok, these are baby step changes and it's a start. What are your plans on match making? What about the afk/troll problem? The class balance issue? Are outlanders going to reworked to be useful in late game? Is there going to be melee 2.0?


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          These are all great questions ravend, we hear you. We plan to discuss community feedback regularly in future Dev Updates and posts like this.


          • ravend commented
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            I would like to add, what are the plans on drawing the pve side of your game back. They have fled hard, myself as one of them.

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          Everything in that post sounds good, especially the stores, provided the event ticket prices are fair. Looking forward to continuing to be a part of the evolution of the game!


          • Pjthines commented
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            Im sure whatever they decide will be fair because, you know, free.

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          If you are planning to allow rarity evoltion for heroes - will this mean that heroes are going to be removed from the llamas? Because the llamas would negate the hard work achieved it suddenly spits out a full upgraded hero (unique).
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          • Pjthines commented
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            Llamas don’t negate hard work anymore than winning the lottery does. There’s no guarantee you’re gonna get that specific hero fully upgraded. So best bet is to just level up the specific heroes you want. If you happen to get that same hero fully upgraded consider it a lot of exp to retire to your Collection Book or to recycle and feed to another hero. If it’s a fully upgraded hero you don’t have yet, then you just saved a load of time having to level one up yourself. So, there’s no real negative to them coming from Llamas. But likely they won’t be in Llamas. Sounds like the idea here is to level them yourself.

          • nightseid commented
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            There is a big difference in scale with winning the lottery.

            Part of the (my) allure of playing a video game is completing achievements. In older games this was done by reaching the last level, getting rare items or gear or loot or trophies from enemies from bosses from completing stages, etc. So when you gain one of these items others would know you completed a very difficult task of killing the monster or passing the mission or beating a certain level that everybody is trying to get to. In short the endgame state - the reward of all your hard work. Now it has devolved into purchasing a pinata that may or may not give you rare items or by flat-out buying the item in the stores. This is where your end state has gone to, the online store. This is a PVE team-based objective game with no end objective.
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          Originally posted by nightseid View Post
          If you planning to allow rarity evoltion for heroes - will this mean that heroes are going to be removed from the llamas? Because the llamas would negate the hard work achieved it suddenly spits out a full upgraded hero (unique).
          who knows how hard it would be to evo them from say purple to legendary
          nothing wrong with getting lucky and getting a full legendary from the start anyways.
          curious if one could get a mythic hero tho

          and no mention of weapon perk rerolls or anything


          • nightseid commented
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            I feel as you just used the same argument that EA tried to justify loot boxes.

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          If you are talking about weapon condition issues, Darren had mentioned something around that in one of our previous Dev Update videos. We are still working on the final design for this and will be sure to keep you all updated once we have it in a more solidified spot.


          • Phlegmming2 commented
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            For ****'s sake, how hard is "Your weapon has level milestones (5,10, 15, 20, 25) then you get to choose what ability you want (not 2 choices, not 3 choices, but every choice) and remove the ******** RNG quality of the the traits. Then take your little charts and graphs showing the popular traits, then BUFF the unpopular ones. Secondly about the new traits a 15% damage increase is > than a 20% damage increase for a limited and specific amount of conditions. How to fix that ****, increase the amount of damage the trait does to a significant amount (45-70%). Additionally instead of a bonus to a specific condition, change it to any condition causes the damage increase.

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          This is awesome news! It's great to hear the devs listening and actively making improvements. :D

          Phlegmming, I think that idea makes a lot of sense, though bashing a dev/team-member might not be a good way to get the idea across.

          Anyhow, the ability to customize our weapons and their bonuses would go a long way to reducing the "RNG disease" feeling. A legendary with oddly-specific/usually-useless bonuses seems like a wasted weapon.

          I'm all for Phlegmming's idea of leveling up a weapon the way you level up a character in an RPG game. Milestones, a skill/bonus tree, some final high-level bonus specific to that weapon type, and making bonuses feel equally useful. I think this stems from the fact that good weapons/blueprints are hard to come by in this game. When you find a good one, it becomes yours and you want to own it and grow it and connect with it, just like a character.

          However, if finding blueprints was like Borderlands, where weapons were randomized but dropped every single minute, randomization may not be as much of a problem since you'd be nearly guaranteed a great gun simply by the fact that the game throws so many at you.

          Anyway, more stuff to think about but these are amazing and promising steps! Thank you!


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            Sorry put this under announcements at first in error.

            "Hero Rarity Evolution - Our goal is to give you the ability to evolve heroes into greater rarities. This means you can take a grey, common hero and gradually level them up to an orange, legendary hero. (Finally!) Coming in December"

            Will this apply to survivors as well?

            Currently our survivor squads and squad leads provided the biggest increase to your power level and FORT stats. To have the highest possible power level possible you need a mythic lead with 7 legendary survivors with matching personalities.

            That is a extremely hard thing to achieve and can prevent you from progressing in the game if your not able to increase your power since your not "lucky" enough.

            Please consider adding this function to survivors as well or something different. Doing so wil give us the players the abilities to actually work toward and realistically achieving the highest power level (max level) or even just progress the story at times.

            Thank you for reading and look forward to the next update!


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              Looking forward to the new changes and additions.

              I’m assuming that the ability to level heroes up to higher quality tiers means the card just turns into the next card above it, changing the characters cosmetics and skin to the ones above it, as well?

              If so, what if we prefer the look of the lower quality hero? Can you please bring with these updates the ability to swap cosmetics as we see fit between the different qualities of that hero? My Deadeye Ranger should have access to all accessories available to all versions of Ranger if I own the cards and unlocked the accompanying accessories.

              Please and thanks.
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                Great post, looking forward to these changes


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                  Changes sound like a good idea, still need a way to have the game scale down content for those of us who can't find others to play with.


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                    Is there a work in progress that lets us adjust the stats of our schematics? I have a bunch of guns that I really like the feel of and duplicates that I want with different elements, but since the game is heavily rng based I just keep hoping for something decent._. This is what i'm currently looking at.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    yeah good to hear people still working on this mode and its not all BR but

                    1. 3 of the 4 classes are still for a completely different game.

                    2. I cant play the game or advance my quest because the player base has gone. (hmm this really should of been first!)

                    need more storage , opened 2 super troll truck llamas had to delete 43 items before i could interact with anything.

                    need a way to build items i know your working on lowering the RNG but we really need a way to get the right modifiers, you can add infinite progression if your worried about people actually maxing out,

                    hundreds of pounds in i still do not have a useable version of the gun i want, and i am stuck using traps with utterly redundant stats because even when the double rng doesnt go knuckle deep in my sphincter i still end up with trash


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                      Is it possible for you to put the combat pro controls in save the world its super frustrating playing both game modes and them having different controls. The original controls are to clunky for battle royale and thats why you implemented combat pro and have mentioned making that the default controls for battle royale. I would love to be able to use the same controls on both game modes, but prefer the combat pro. Please Help, for those who play both of your game modes.


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                        One of the biggest problem in the game for me is the rewards in general. This includes high-level collection book rewards, map & time-map rewards or even the quest progress rewards.

                        Some examples:
                        Having a GREEN or BLUE transform schematic as a 52+ time limited map reward is kind of a joke. If you can complete a map like that you have no use whatso ever for a green/blue schematic. A solution would be to either upgrade the schematic quality (which might result into easy-acquiring of legendary schematics and i can see how that might be a problem) OR just get a random CRAFTED and based on your power/map level weapon (this HAS to be EPIC/LEGENDARY rarity).

                        Main quest rewards are also really poor; Canny Valley main quests that reward green/blue heroes/schematics make my eyes bleed.

                        List about the reward system goes on and on which basically outlines how poor rewards are as you level/progress through the game.


                        • YukeraYasha commented
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                          yep, I'm only at level 38 (doing level 40 content) and I haven't been using a blue weapon for at least 15 levels now. The only blue content I'm even the tiniest bit interested in at this point is traps, and even that, I don't see the point in investing points in anything under purple.

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                        This idea of upgrading heroes was something I asked for way back when, but now that Epic's decided to actually do it, I'm drowning in all the top-tier legendary heroes I could ever want, simply through gameplay.



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                          Is it Possible to be able to add element shards into the game? I mean it would be nice to be able to choose which element power you want on your weapon. Or even better to add Fire Water etc. to the guns that don’t have a element to them. I would love to see this added!


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                            FINALLLLY everyone's been waiting for a better set up regarding how the inventory accessibility was terribly designed. Two different inventory types for that matter. 1 is in game during pve and the other for schematics n shiz outside. What about mechanics in game like ohh idk..allowing players that misplaced traps or walls to be able to take them down? Is there any work being done for that too? That was a problem too for awhile. My biggest concern right now though is finding people to play with. I stopped playing this game for a few months. It got too grindy, too much RNG, and took too much time not only that but when missions fail you lose the progress u made soo thats really depressing. I just recently came back because muselk (always makes things look much more fun than they are) posted a few vids not too long ago and I saw the halloween stuff. Now that I'm back I have been trying to find people to help me do the quests since there are only 5 days left unfortunately people are either too low, or are already done with it. So I feel that there needs to be more incentives to make people play together/help others when doing the quests or atleast a way to be able to beat them solo without spending an hour or more just doing a single map/mission (this will be helpful in closing gaps with players that have played longer than others and are ahead of the game basically allows them to not have to deal with stress instead of just enjoying the game for what it is/what it could be). I remember there was an event too that was like defend for 7 days or something. That one was horrendous. If you guys are going to have 30min long games or more atleast make the rewards worth it (which I feel is somewhat fine right now with the halloween could be better with the way its designed in terms of getting to it though). Yeah that's my feedback so far :D I should've posted in the forums before I quit playing the game part of me feels that it was a mistake being a founder but then I saw the potential in the game and I'm still seeing it again. I'm broken in two.
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                              Ok, I have a few issues, concerns have you will.

                              1.) why can a level 3 come into my level 60+ match?

                              I am carrying this individual, I have no problem helping but when a level 3 is taking on a level 60 plus smasher your kidding me.

                              Suggestion: Create a maximum limit of whatever rank you are. Ex a level 28 should be able to play everything up to 28 specifically because of the resources needed. The maximum should be somewhere around 40.

                              2.) why is it not available to vote to kick?

                              Your doing a level 4 atlas with a constructor, 2 ninjas, and a soldier. The ninjas are building and the soldier is clearing debris from the objective then you have the constructor off looking for loot boxes.

                              solution: vote to kick implementation. Secondly you should be able to get extra sim and points for doing your role. Maybe this will make people more interested in picking specific characters. For example a ninja would get extra command points based off of how much damage was inflicted by a sword. A constructor would get extra based on how much they built on the objective not map entirely. A outlander by marking chests and loot findings. Just a few ideas.

                              3.) why does it seem fortnite developers are pumping more time and resources into the free side of the game?

                              Every time one I read something online it’s always about battle royale. What about the people who Paid fortnite for the game save the world? There is always a patch specifically for battle royale. What about the people who paid for the founders edition that love save the world. Yet that was taken out of your scope of vision.

                              4.) Problem: rescue the survivors. I have gotten platinum once I have no idea how since every single time one or two survivors are glitched and you cannot he’ll them. After around 100+ survivor missions I saw a trend it’s either the MEDBOT request or the MEDKIT retrieval survivors.

                              This is quite infuriating considering that you race to get all these people saved just to find out you can’t get platinum.

                              on this topic what’s the deal with the MED kit survivor? Every single time it’s the same thing “I can’t leave without it”. Can’t this be changed to a dog or a cat or something that would make me saw ahh haa he needs his dog or cat got it no problem going to find it now. Instead of going to get a MED kit.

                              5.) Why can’t we re-roll items?

                              I find this one a pain. You get a legendary weapon the one you have been wanting for so long and you look at the roles and it’s a legendary assault rifle- no element, no damage boost, reload speed 3 of the 5 rolls and the other two being 15 damage boost to slowed or snared enemies? Are you freaking kidding me?

                              Solution: I feel this is an easy one. Maybe not for me because I’m not the one designing it but I feel many people would benefit. Add another tab on the home page of the game. Call it weapon slots or something you click on it. It brings up a slots machine, you put your weapon you want changed from your inventory . The slots change to those ones that are currently on your selected weapon. You put in 150 v bucks pull the handle and bam new weapon rolls. This sounds actually even better then I thought it in my head!

                              Just some things I think will benefit all of us.


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                                Like RockVictoria said in his 3rd point:

                                " 3.) why does it seem fortnite developers are pumping more time and resources into the free side of the game?

                                Every time one I read something online it’s always about battle royale. What about the people who Paid fortnite for the game save the world? There is always a patch specifically for battle royale. What about the people who paid for the founders edition that love save the world. Yet that was taken out of your scope of vision.

                                Also to add to his/her point 4, our original "founder weapons" are not very useful anymore as the new stuff has better rolls and new stats. Rerolling our FOUNDERS (you know, the paying customer "reward") stuff would be nice.

                                These days I startup the launcher and all I see is BR BR BR, then I load the game to see the mostly BR message and menu and have to load AGAIN to get into the game I paid for (like a fool), I feel like someone who is coming to a members only club where my membership entrance is now in the back alley so not to bother the new hype crowd.

                                I'm sure attacks will follow for "reasons", don't care, won't reply to those. Just my feedback about the way Epic makes me feel at this moment. I'm sure they'll release our (forgotten) PvE mode as soon as 2018 hits so there is no longer the need to hide the fact that all resources has gone to BR where the real money is to be made. Shame Epic, real shame. Fortnite could have been something new in this sea of PvP.


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                                  They should refund all the STW people , their founders pack money and then Epic Games would have the right to ruin their game. I could spend it on a worth while game and be done with all this Epic Nonsense.


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                                    So... when are we getting our ammo cap increased? When using an auto shot gun I found myself burning my 1k ammo for it very fast and any ammo that isn't energy cells isn't cheap to craft wood wise when you are under 500 ammo for shotguns. Either allow us to hold up to 9999 of each ammo type or at the very least add new nodes to the research or skill trees that lets us hold more ammo at once. I think many people hear would agree with me. I mean hell why is it our Defenders CAN HOLD ammo OVER the caps we have set for us? During a Horde Bash I give my defender the Hydra which used shotgun ammo and between the waves I crafted him shotgun ammo then some ammo for me and by the last wave he was holding 1155 shotgun ammo which is unfair on us as if we can't go over the ammo cap they shouldn't be allowed to go over it as well!


                                    • DarkForceLegend commented
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                                      That full auto shotgun has the worst economy of any shotgun. That IS its down side. The idea is to use it sparingly. I use a Raider Headhunter and I use two different shotguns. sure, i go thru ammo a little faster then if I used just one, but I can usually get by with about 100 shells a match. Perhaps trying to use other weapons along with your full auto, like use your full auto shotty on smashers and stuff and use something else for taking out large amount of adds.

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                                    Originally posted by RockVictoria View Post
                                    Ok, I have a few issues, concerns have you will.

                                    2.) why is it not available to vote to kick?

                                    5.) Why can’t we re-roll items?
                                    I don't believe we should ever have a vote kick. I reason this because It can be used maliciously and with negative ideology. If in fact we do have a vote kick system then people could use it to kick someone who may be a slightly lesser level, but not givin the chance to prove themselves. I have been in lobbies with everyone being higher level and at the end of the mission I out killed, out built, and out did them on every aspect of the mission. albeit rare, but it has happened. If there was a vote kick system I may have been kicked before I could even attempt to do the mission. People also could kick others for using weapons that are not popular. Again, I use over under shotguns, not very popular type of shotgun, yet I have no issues out killing everyone but well played ninjas and significantly higher level players. I could be kicked just for my preference in weapons.

                                    I have been on the receiving end of just those types of kicks and its infuriating that I wasn't even given a chance. Although, what may help is what you have suggested. Encourage people to play specific roles. reward them for such, ninjas for melee kills, soldiers for ranged kills, constructors for successful defence and fortification, and outlanders for bring back resources and pointing out treasure. As for dealing with people that are going afk and are leaching... well, currently you can report them and block them on xbox so you never have to play with them again. Otherwise I currently have no idea for dealing with such people. Although I do feel there should be an easier way for us to report those who do stuff like that. Instead of just a thumbs up at the end of a match, add an option to report the player and Epic can look into that game to see what took place.

                                    I too want a reroll system, but I feel it should be the same way diablo 3 and the Division do there reroll system. You get to pick one perk to reroll and once you pick you can only reroll that perk slot. You can reroll that one slot as many times as you wish, but once you pick, that's it. You can not reroll any other perk on that item. And heaven forbid, NO to making V-bucks the way to reroll item perks. Use anything else but the premium currency of the game. Use weapon folder things... whatever they are called.


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                                      So what is happening in Save the World Epic - are you simply just trying to kill it off? The recent update made more things worse than better and when you teased a new mode you did not say whether it was PVE or PVP. Well what the flock are you doing in the PVE space? Really annoying that Canny and Twine are unfinished after all this time.


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                                        Another once again stupid update for lame battle royal. If your not going to fix bugs,story lines or add new content of the PVE aspect of your game that we paid money for, then simply tell us and I will be sure to tell anyone buying it to not waste their time on a unfinished, game where the developers seem to enjoy hiding behind the “Early Access” title. But God forbid a battle royal player has a problem they instantly get a reply by a developer. It’s beginning to look like you care more for your battle royal players then you do the people you pay to play your “Save the World” only thing needs saving is your PVE community. It’s pretty much dead and your making it worse.


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                                          Don't espect much from epic toward pve, the moment pvp was out, pve was screwed, i'v played this game for a moment now ( PL 88 ), they only care about pvp, pve got pathetic updates, events are boring and stupid, there's only one thing to do now : don't give them anymore of your money, don't give them anything, they don't respect those who paid for pve (their first costumers...), return them the favor!

                                          PS: and don't forget what Epic did, don't ever buy anything from them again, those stupid greedy apes don't deserve your money!
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                                            The only thing i'm reading from that little update is, more ways to screw us out of money to work on a free to play add on and basically trashing the core game that a huge chunk of us invested in as founders after participating in the alpha tests...

                                            - STILL crashing on rewards screens on ps4 and PC,
                                            - STILL can't access the last 2 areas
                                            - The matchmaking BLOWS!!!
                                            - Still can't invite pc players on ps4,
                                            - no server browser?
                                            - RARELY like a 1% chance to get people matched up in SSD when it "searches for people" but will connect mainly to SSD when choosing play with others? (I've run about 30 SSD's but still only get people when I invite friends, never from search)
                                            - Can't invite people to a game without adding them as a friend? Just because we play a common game doesn't mean we're friends, or that we need to complete 1 mission and request help, we shouldn't have to add each other's friend ID's that's super dev laziness.
                                            - "Play with others" is a huge joke .. at 17 i was matched with 40-44's in plakerton, now at 42 I'm getting matched with 15-20's??? blow through all my mats, regardless of my class, just to get trash talked for actually completing the objectives? Can't do squat about it but get insulted. Way to boost community toxicity.
                                            - When people connect to the game regardless of regions, it lags up pretty bad still.
                                            - Constructors serve no real purpose when they can be slotted and give any other class their bonuses...
                                            - Reward chests are STILL broken, can get full platinums, complete bonus challenges, but only get a lv 3/4 chest?
                                            - skill trees/research trees need to be better linked, the unlocks are so sporadic that there are slots 1 and 3 of things opening yet slot 2 can't be opened till you achieve something that isn't even accessible?

                                            It doesn't even seem these things were even addressed thanks to the Battle Royale update.

                                            I think we all should have realized the game was going to die as soon as they introduced a separate free to play mode when the game itself is set to be free to play in 2018. The save the world community drastically decreased, with all the blatant neglect, the community won't exist by the time the 2018 "free" release of the core game happens. So we all pretty much paid to have them work on a totally different game mode then the one we thought would be the focus of this particular title. What are you going to do when release hits and the last 2 areas are just as buggy as the current state of the rest of the game? oh wait just rely on the free loaders to fork up money in the BR addon? lol... or just hoping for us founders to keep throwing money at a game that had great potential till greed engulfed the dev team? Who knows maybe there's still some suckers running around willing to toss the fortnite team even more money.

                                            This is a giant kick in the nuts to the community guys... With this kind of community neglect, prepare to go the way of companies/publishers like realtime worlds, outspark, monolith, ijji, etc ( just to name a few that could have gone somewhere but ignored their communities for what they thought were profitable yet extremely greedy decisions.) As someone that's followed epic games since unreal tournament 2003 (also tested for those 4 companies mentioned and watched them fail as they ignored a lot of community suggestions that other companies paid attention to and are actually profiting)... this is painful guys.


                                            • D1aBloLT commented
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                                              just a quick question to do you really think that they are not getting any money out of apvp server with 30mil accounts ? :D maybe thats what they are trying to do here, kill pve and focus only on a pvp server.

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                                            I just wish they would do a refresh like they did in alpha, but make it optional. At the time (when it became a purchasable early access) only llamas were available for vbucks and it was essentially the only way to get items that weren't just bad... now you can just earn great items by playing the game during the events, I don't even want my money back or anything I just want the option to use my vbucks between the br mode and stw like everyone on the hype train.. it feels like we're being punished for being the first to support the game :/
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                                              At this stage the future of "Save the world" seems none existent and PvE players should just petition to "Save the Game"


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                                                BR makes more money. StW is dead. Long live StW.


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                                                  Originally posted by Sc4rL3TBuLL3T View Post
                                                  Don't espect much from epic toward pve, the moment pvp was out, pve was screwed, i'v played this game for a moment now ( PL 88 ), they only care about pvp, pve got pathetic updates, events are boring and stupid, there's only one thing to do now : don't give them anymore of your money, don't give them anything, they don't respect those who paid for pve (their first costumers...), return them the favor!

                                                  PS: and don't forget what Epic did, don't ever buy anything from them again, those stupid greedy apes don't deserve your money!
                                                  My view is most of the PVE events have been awesome.


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                                                    OR Epic games just refund all money of player who fund the PvE and then just trash it down and only focus on PvP,because the PvE seems to be a scam at this point.

                                                    Lot of promise,but at the end its "NEWS for BR !,NEW gameplay in BR,SMOKE GRENADE in BR" and for STW "the chat are unavailable for now,should come back soon" "we know medbots quest are buged,we doing our best to resove it " 1week later same ****
                                                    "WE are trying to improve performance of STW on the next patch" and the next patch 45 new bug or old reintroduced,

                                                    So yeah,dont wonder why people are massively leave the PvE Epic, and go so much player already said since week.month what should be improved ,what should get fixed,but clearely everything goes above your heads.


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                                                      just read the xmas update notes...... rip stw, no fixes to the main problems, bah humbug dazza


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                                                        I just hope there is more bug fixes,that they are hidden,the list is a bit too small


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                                                          So what is the future? I’m confused. Every update is cosmetic when core gameplay is being ignored. It’s a card collecting game where the cards don’t matter cause there’s no end game. What exactly is the end goal?


                                                          • Stormpickle commented
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                                                            The end goal has already been achieved. Rip off all the StW supporters to make **** loads of money to do other things.

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                                                          The Battle Royale team seems to be doing a way better job. Why not make the PVE team Subordinate to the PVP team for a while and see if that starts to improve the PVE.


                                                          • Icebolt123 commented
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                                                            The team working on PvP are the Unreal guys. Their speciality is Battle Royale like games so not sure if your idea would work pal.

                                                          • Stormpickle commented
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                                                            Doesn't mean it won't work. I'm not your pal, guy.

                                                          • Hexed13 commented
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                                                            I'm not your guy, friend.

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                                                          I'm honestly in the camp of why did I spend my money on Save the World. I'm rather disappointed in how Battle Royale has taken over Fortnite. This is not what I paid for, supported or, told friends about, recruited people over. We just gotten global inventory and bam it was taken away. Like.. how could so many things be done wrong and left broken.

                                                          BR gets smoke grenades, a launch pad, ability to put spike traps on walls and ceilings and potions! I know it is silly to argue about potions but that would actually be a good thing if husks dropped something useful. Versus needing an entire trap dedicated to healing. Or ya know ability to carry healing potions instead of dropping down a healing trap. Just seems silly.

                                                          Granted, the new cosmetics and events are great. I won't knock it. This is good stuff. It just feels like the core gameplay is utterly ignored and that stuff gets repetitive fast and with it gets boring. New mechanics, new devices, interesting traps, some actual gadgets! It be cool to actually use a glider IN Save the world!

                                                          You think with a world and story of being able to tech-wizard yourself some walls and traps out of random junk you get useful gadgets you can use to help you move around. Just saying.


                                                          • #41
                                                            We were told that BR would not affect StW, in any form, but that has clearly been proven false. It has completely overshadowed StW, and heavily impacts the servers as well.



                                                            • #42
                                                              Different suggestions for game modes. Horde Bash is by far a lot better than Survive the Storm for 2 reasons. 1 being that the resource loss is not there on Horde bash, which makes the replay a lot more frequent. 2 it has its own skill tree which implemented the grind. Please do this to survive the storm.

                                                              I'm sure every PVE player would agree that the cosmetics in battle royale need to be pushed to Save the World. Even if it cost 100 vbucks, make it to where we can change the appearance of our characters. There are so many hero skins that I love in Battle royale and would love to see those in StW. Another is the Pick axes, same concept. This would be such an awesome thing to add. it would put more of a grind as well. Add one more section to the loot tab that would allow this to happen, Just a cosmetic section.

                                                              Please add a new game mode, Horde bash and STS are good, but there needs to be more. Add a mission where there is a progression throughout. Have a main boss at the top of a mountain and make it to where the only way you can get to the Boss is by defeating mini bosses to get materials or a launch pad like in BR to build a path to the main Boss. Please add mountable turrets as well, I can see one in the background on the loading screen and know it has to be a idea that was or is in progress.

                                                              So much is going into Battle Royale, add the same things to Save the world. Such as the Disco grenade, which would make a group of husks dance so you could clear groups. The same guns, like silenced smg would be awesome, so husks wouldn't agro you if you used it. Launch pad, shield pots, etc. im sure everyone would agree with me on this.
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                                                                Originally posted by UtopianKnight View Post
                                                                shield pots
                                                                Yeah... not sure how this would work since in BR you only get a not recharging at all 100 shield right? (Not played BR but got a friend who does) Where as in Save the World our shield recharges and goes way over 100. How I see it, as long as our shields will recharge we don't need these shield potions. Yes I would like something like the silenced SMG in StW but as well don't you need the shield potions slotted in your quick bar on BR which you have like a what 5 slots quick bar no? On StW we only have 3 slots, and I'd rather all three slot a weapon ya know? Maybe instead they could modifier one of the Adrenaline Rush upgrades to not only restore our health but also restore a part of our shield at the cost of less total health being healed at the same time?


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                                                                  Can the dev team give me a hint to what class will the sniper bonus giving hero will be in????!! happy holidays


                                                                  • #45
                                                                    please guys give me feedback on my suggestions


                                                                    • #46
                                                                      You need to add Combat Pro to Save the World. As I (and probably many others) find it difficult to swap between Battle Royal and Save the World


                                                                      • #47
                                                                        Let me tell YOU the future of Save the world:
                                                                        Dead and gone.

                                                                        You guys need to get your **** together in terms of your customer service being nearly non-existent for the StW portion of the game.

                                                                        it's pathetically terrible.


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                                                                          Since BR launched PvE is getting more and more bugs , players display name , crashing in game , disconnect from server etc...
                                                                          about 2 months bugs never fix....Please do something


                                                                          • #49
                                                                            STW is Dead,i would recommand the game to no one atm,the game is a No man Sky Scam .nothing more,nothing less,100 promise,and we got 999 bug with no content.


                                                                            • #50
                                                                              What future?


                                                                              • Kid Tesla commented
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                                                                                Lo.l right. PvE is dead

                                                                            • #51
                                                                              So last time I checked was early december, I see BR is still the only part in development.

                                                                              Epic added to my personal "avoid games from" list: Ubisoft, EA and WB. Avoid at all costs. Because my protests are with my money, not useless hashtag protests.

                                                                              Well, at least it will save some HDD space by uninstalling the Epic launcher and their BR game.


                                                                              • #52
                                                                                Just think of all the stuff we could be enjoying right now if Worthless, Idiotic PUBG Clone had never existed (and no, I'm not buying that 'separate team' schtick anymore):

                                                                                - 8-player maps
                                                                                - Real bosses
                                                                                - New mission types
                                                                                - Imbalances between heroes addressed
                                                                                - Bugs actually fixed
                                                                                - More progress on progression, possibly even real differences between areas
                                                                                - God only knows what else


                                                                                • #53
                                                                                  What if any plans do you guys have to fix the poor state of the pve mode. What with constant crashes and heavy lag spikes. Im playing on a ps4 pro hardwired with a 60mbps connection.


                                                                                  • #54
                                                                                    The future of PVE? A refund for the players who bought this game.


                                                                                    • #55
                                                                                      another patch with no fix to the squad names and markers disappearing..,., How about you get dazza to make a real QA video to address the real problems in stw..
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                                                                                        Maybe finish the product you sold us in the first place?

                                                                                        Story arc for Canny Valley and Twine Peaks isn't that much to ask for?