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Energy Cell Economy vs Power


Energy Cell Economy vs Power

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  • Energy Cell Economy vs Power

    This balance seems off to me. Energy cell weapons burn through ammo but this ammo type is rare to find, the most expensive to craft and when you do find some it's extremely small quantities.

    To me it seems either the amount of ammo in the environment needs to be raised. (Heck, put it deep in bunkers and other laboratories) or energy cell using weapons need to be significantly increased in power.

    This event isn't that exciting to me because every weapon requires energy cells which makes it way too much of a pain to use and the only benefit is an inherent energy damage. Energy damage doesn't even compare to matching the correct elemental damage type so the extremely low ammo amounts don't make sense.

    A solution? Give these energy weapons an energizing affect on husks that charge them up causing them to discharge energy at random intervals that stuns other nearby husks and the one that's carrying the charge.

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    I think the trade off is supposed to be that energy weapons are more powerful so ammo is more scarce.

    I agree though, I just don't use energy weapons. It takes too much farming to keep them usable when I have other weapons that take less mats to keep in ammo.


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      They already have a bonus other weapons cant get, which is the chance for a damage alteration affix ontop of their base energy damage. Sadly the weapons are simply too costly to use and often extremely situational and underpowered due to low damage, slow fire, slow bullet velocity, high ammo consumption per shot or a combo of all. The Deathray is probably the exception since it works like a regular AR when it comes to speeds and ammo consumption, it also has very low recoil.

      Most of the other weapons are just there as a gimmick and for fun, with no real usefulness in the end. The new shotgun aswell as the AR may see some use since the shotgun fill a void for the shotgun based soldier and the AR will be like a poor man's Deathray. Possibly the full auto pistol will serve as an option for Rangers aswell that cant make full use of the Deathray or AR. The sniper rifle will likely be a total waste since it is a sniper rifle and an Energy Cell hog at the same time, so fun to use but really not very good.


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        I have yet to see one of the Vindertech weapons roll another element, nor have I found anyone else who has... and I talk with about 30 active players per day on our Discord channel. These weapons could have been nice with that extra roll.


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          Well... me and a friend have made a joke out of the fact we always know where to find bacon 100% of the time and that joke is #ToiletBacon! Because when ever me or my friend has searched a toilet, we've always gotten bacon! Other places I can suggest searching is... the tables in dinners, cafes and kitchens in houses as they have a high chance to give bacon. Smash dog houses as they always give 1-4 bacon (not even playing Outlander when I got 4 pieces of bacon once honest) search the bread tray things as they also have a nice chance for bacon, so do the vending machines and the drink cold drinks storage ones you find in the gas stations and... lastly search any shelf in super markets and gas stations that have packets of crisps on them for a chance at bacon as well along. But as I said out of all those, toilets (search) dog houses (Smash) and oh almost forgot the corn plants (search) all have 100% chance for bacon
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            There are cans of ham in random places on the ground. 100% bacon drop rate.


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              I left the this one out since I figured this was common knowledge by now but yeah what Termie99 said, you always get 2 pieces of bacon from these