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    Monsters Idea

    I have being playing Fortnite since lunch day, and I enjoy this game a lot. So I am creating this post to add some new Mosnter Idea for the future if possible.

    I was thinking about flying Moster: bats, birds, or a big hawk. I think this will open more interesting and unique way of fighting the storm.

    second idea is underground Mist Monster a monster that travels thru underground, crossing walls and traps getting close to objectives. If we don’t have any floor build they appear any place closer to the objectives.

    I think this is a good idea for the game, this is just my opinion. Thanks for letting the community share their thoughts and expectation for the game. Feel free to leave you though and keep doing a great work Epic games.

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    This would be fine in a "No Trap zone" or something, but as it stands, both of those options make traps pretty useless. Lobbers are also basically flying enemies, and so are Flingers.