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Things that need improving, fixing & adding into the game


Things that need improving, fixing & adding into the game

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    Things that need improving, fixing & adding into the game

    Hello All

    Here are a number of things I think that needs improving or adding into the game; from new features to new game modes. Feel free to have a read through and leave feedback on how you think my idea's can be improved etc. - I just want to hear your thoughts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Feel free to also submit your own thoughts on what you want to see in the game from what needs changing, fixing or adding. I also hope everyone's had a great Christmas and got what they wanted. Fortnite done a brilliant job at making their game look Christmassy!

    P.S - I apologise for this thread being so long!
    Things that need improving or adding to the game

    Prevent Team Killing in Duo & Squad - This is one of the things I absolutely hate in this game, squad players will kill you for your items. Friendly fire should be turned on, just like how it is in 50v50. Players who repeatedly team kill should be banned or at least have a probationary period where they cannot play until the timer has finished. Get rid of these idiots.

    Players should be able to prone - But at least have a delay so they can't just drop-shot you and wipe you out. This isn't a Call of Duty game, so if this is added then please can the devs get it right so it doesn't annoy players. The reason for prone is for hiding, sniping, taking cover etc. - not to have an advantage in a gunfight. Perhaps going to shoot in prone automatically places your player in the crouch stance? (Unless you are using a sniper?)

    Accuracy for long range needs improving - Now, a lot of people can agree with me on this one. Trying to shoot someone from far away is kinda finding a needle in a haystack, it's practically impossible unless you're lucky or you have a great eye sight. Sometimes it's good to keep the distance in a gun fight. However this can be vicious as players will get annoyed when normal guns are turning into snipers, so if the devs push this idea forward, make sure you guys get it right.

    In 50v50, you should be able to speak to your whole team and not just your squad - MUST! This would make it so much fun, having the ability to communicate with your team to create strategies, request support or help find each other. Or at least have this only working for nearby team mates .

    Squad together microphone players so they can talk together - When playing Duo, Squad or 50v50, merge players with microphones into the same squad so they can talk together. Believe me, it makes the game a lot more fun when you have someone to talk too!

    Should be able to purchase previous items - (such as Halloween Collection etc.) from shop using VBucks, so you don't snooze, you loose kinda thing. It'd be good for both devs & players, devs earn money & players can look cool without missing out. Some players would've got Fortnite after Halloween, so they wouldn't ever of had the chance to get anything.. like me! :-(

    View Usernames - I'd like to see who I'm playing with, it'd be nice to reveal the anonymity of my team mates so that I can add them on PSN if they're as good as me ;-) I've heard of stranger danger but what if I want to make new friends and play with them? This is one of my top suggestions!

    View In-Game Leaderboards - Sometimes it's cool to see who is dead and who has the most kills, see who is still alive too. Also have a mini picture of their player character next to their username in the leaderboards so it looks a bit better than the standard leaderboards you see on COD, BF, etc.

    Customise your players facial appearance - Stand out, look different, stop being like everyone else! Make your own character look the way you want them too, through gender, racial, ethnicity options.

    More Maps! - Last but not least, I'd like to see at least 2 more maps added to the game, maybe base on of them on another planet, give it a whole new experience and background to soak in and enjoy. Have different sized maps as well?.. Select which map you'd like to play and then select your game mode, or simply have it set to random if you're one of those who aren't particularly bothered by what you play.
    Gamemode Idea's

    Hide & Seek - Not sure how big the teams should be, but have a team with guns and the others without. Hunt down the hidden with a time limit, if all can be killed within the time limit then the Hunters win. However if they cannot all be found then the hidden win. Hunters should have more players, simply because if the teams we're balanced, it'd be impossible to find those who are hiding since there would be so many of them etc.

    Humans V Zombies - Bit like H&S. Fight off the zombies, if they kill you then you join them. Have a time limit to see if you can hold them off long enough, build a base, get weapons and survive.

    Trouble in Terrorist Town - Just like the G-Mod gamemode. Have a certain amount of Cops, certain amount of traitors and a certain amount of innocent. Cops have to narrow it down and kill all the traitors without killing to many of the innocent & without traitors killing all the cops. This game should be for Microphone users ONLY.

    Gun Game - Everyone starts of with a pistol, progress to better guns by killing. However, if you die you are out. When it comes down to the 1v1 at the end, the player with the most points wins instead of fighting of the last player.. it'd be a bit annoying if you made it that far just to be killed by someone with 2 kills.. RIP!

    Build Your Base - Your team spawns together randomly on a map with some sort of generator. Collect resources and defend your generator, if your generator is destroyed then you loose the game. You also have to track down your enemies base & generator and the same goes for them. Spawns should be in the same sort of area so you don't have to run across the whole map and back etc. to attack your opponents. Time limit included.

    Base Defence - 1 Team spawns with a base, they have to protect it for as long as they can before the time limit runs out or till their base is destroyed. Have a generator just like the above idea. The other teams has to keep doing their best to attack and destroy that base within the time limit. Maybe have infinite lives or a certain amount of lives?

    Red v Blue v Green v Yellow - 50v50 was good, but I'd like to see 4 teams of 25 battle it out. It'd be more competitive, the more teams, the more gunfire. Take competition to a whole new level.

    Sorry this thread is awfully long, but tell me what you think about some of the suggestions in this. Submit your own by replying to this :-)

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        I think friendly fire should be just disabled, there's really no point of it. Probably b/c I play solo too much and I just flick anyone with a pump and one shot them in squad....