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A Memorandum on Bosses - Maelstroms


A Memorandum on Bosses - Maelstroms

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    A Memorandum on Bosses - Maelstroms

    With the recent release of "epic mini bosses" I've felt the need to vocalize my discontent with the lack in strategically challenging content. A majority of the challenging "epic mini bosses" were usually just bullet sponges. I've attached a couple of concepts I developed with my brother (and fellow player) which feel like they might do well as stand alone fights (like other 20 min missions, encampments and the like.) that foster teamwork and demand multiple styles of play.

    Each boss should have a specific style (or two) of play to beat, while having a randomly selected weakness that acts to create variety. The hope is that players will band together to overcome these challenges. But should a player attempt to take them solo they should still have a chance with some well equipped and placed defenders.

    TLDR: Many ideas ahead, I'll try to sum them up in TLDRs for those with many other llamas to whack.

    Boss concepts!

    1- Storm Conductor:
    A flighty boss, who primarily causes patrols and random husks to spawn with increasing intensity when not attacked, all while trying to evade the players when engaged.
    Lots of chasms and fall hazards to prevent traversing the map with ease make chasing and fighting this boss exceedingly difficult. Suggest developing this to foster a strategy to build Bridges across to every Island and Point and then attempting to engage the boss directly. Propane husks are rare, but should be expected to make upgrading bridges worthwhile. A single Anchor Point in the center of the map is partially susceptible to Elemental damage, which also damages the boss. Bounce pads (horizontal especially) will be your friend (or your downfall)
    TLDR: Boss fight on islands in the sky. Dodging enemies and building bridges to chase down the Boss. (Like a withered/scaredy-cat Taker)

    2 - Titan! :
    - 4 Enormous striding legs that stretch beyond the clouds above devastate the landscape, destroying any structure they make contact with. In its wake is a storm that immobilizes survivors, while it slows and damages players. I suggest developing the titan so it isn't particularly difficult to fight, but avoiding the 6 to storm in its wake after getting close enough to attack makes for a bit of a challenge. Mobile fighters should thrive here. Constructing bounce and launch pads could make keeping up to deal damage and escaping once finished MUCH easier. Survivors that become revealed throughout the fight can be saved to slightly weaken the boss (-2% of max hp?)
    TLDR: Focus is reaching survivors who are trapped in its storm wake and damaging the MASSIVE legs to make it leave.

    3 - Abomination :
    Focus could be destroying internal organs, revealing "heart" while avoiding "white blood cells" read groups of takers, as husks move freely. Extremely dangerous zone.
    Imagine seeing a MASSIVE laser eyes with a distorted grotesque body that takes up 1/3rd of the map. A massive "structure" made of purple walls and hazards. You must get inside, destroy "organs" until the heart is exposed and everything goes into high gear. This would be a combat heavy mode. Requiring fairly strong teamwork to knock out objectives AND repel attackers.
    TLDR: Assault the compound. Except it's the inside of a giant husk. o_o

    4 - Sky Eye :
    Focus could be building a tower and defending it so heroes can get close enough to damage a boss in the sky effectively as he smites from afar! Watch out!
    TLDR: ... seriously?

    5- The Wurm :
    Focus is finding and attacking the head of this highly mobile beast, but doing so often causes it to turn away from you. You can also sabotage the storm drops it is eating around the map to deal 2% of its Max Health in damage instantly upon eating. Otherwise it is best to destroy storm drops, as any storm drop eaten by the worm heals it by 1% and increases max hp by 0.5% or so. If it eats enough storm drops, it splits. The split causes both halves to have half of the originals max health and adopts its health ratio.
    TLDR: Real life Centipede... With zombies.

    6 - Skitters :
    Ever multiplying, ever creeping, cloud of spider like creatures that overtake all terrain and buildings unless fought back. Method of defeat? Roughly 10 Skitter nests per map? Placing bombs in them? Closing entrances? Each disturbance increases the spawn rate?
    TLDR: Millions of little spiders. Pray for mercy... Pretty sure Ray hates them.

    7 - Crusher :
    Massive modified smasher. Seeks players, destroys structures easily. Only weak spot is the back of the head and spots around the ankles (can be body damaged, but only by elemental damage). Highly elevated. Two to three stories tall? Sprints short distances. Often prioritizes structures over players. Best strategy is to build structures while he's not looking, draw him toward it, then let it act as bait while you(and friends) attack it.
    TLDR: Giant, Armored Smasher. Give it stuff to break.

    8 - The Ambusher :
    Spider like, massive, (mostly)invisible. Focus is surviving long enough to remove some of the legs scattered around the map then gang up on it to finish it off. Actively seeks players and survivors. Anyone struck has 1 minute to be saved by another player(or defender) or they die. The Ambusher can only strike a target once every 30 seconds or so, but may wait longer. The longer under the effect, the longer it is to recover. Sprays cloud muck to slow groups or fleeing targets. Husks persistently hunt you. You can stumble across legs which, when destroyed, slow it down. It will never have less than 3 legs, and killing them at this threshold deals some boss damage (5%?). Otherwise the body/head flees VERY quickly when attacked. Not as tanky as other bosses, but much more deadly, often striking when a lone player tries to save another. Building a base and staying put all together could probably be the strongest strategy.
    TLDR: Giant, cloaked, spider assassin that spans the map. Hope you have good friends.

    9 - Gravel-oid :
    A monstrosity that lurks underground, only coming to the surface where there is noise at ground level. Walking on bare terrain, firing a gun, looting at ground level, and building at ground level all draw this boss to the surface to attack the source! Each appearance is only several seconds to a maximum of 8sec. and with varying degrees of intensity, so sometimes someone has to play bait.
    Strategy could include a sky bridge suspended on several distant legs.
    TLDR: Seen the movie Tremors? That.

    10 - The Fog :
    Similar to the titan, this massive purple gliding boss traverses the landscape several tiles above the ground with ease leaving a large purple cloud in its wake. It will destroy any structural object in its way as long as it breaches a certain threshold above the ground. In order to fight it, it is recommended to have movement speed boosters, like launch pads. The difference between this and the Titan is, if a player is spotted in a small cone in front of it, it will zero in on them and center its flight path over that player. This boss does not destroy buildings otherwise, and it's stormcloud lasts much longer, occasionally spawning husks. The focus here is creating a more persistent threat for players to address. If left completely unchallenged, it has the potential to cover the entire map in this fog. Strategy could include grouping up while the fog approaches, then using a Launchpad to Vault out of its flight path at the last minute. This would allow players to engage it head-on until it is too close. Roughly 5 tile wing span.
    TLDR: Massive angry kite. 'Nuff said.



    The intent behind these suggestions are to create variety in play against the different bosses. It can make things easier or harder completely based on the combination of classes and boss being engaged.

    A) Sapper Pylons: These require steady blu glo and reduce the boss' damage reduction shield by 25% per pylon. More pylons active, more pressure from husks on pylons. Destruction forces a reset and addition of more blu glo.

    B) Storm Spires: strengthen boss by adding max hp, damage, damage resistance (less than Sapper pylon variation) (Spires act like encampments)

    C) Malfunctioned storm shield: emits deadly wave every 2 minutes. Can sometimes be used to kill nearby husks, but focus is reaching the Storm Shield and repairing it, then powering it with fresh (read stable) blu glo. Doing so then weakens the boss and stops damage waves from happening in that zone. This might be more helpful as a Clear effect against Skitters, but the weakening effect Should still make it worthwhile. The shield doesn't prevent husks from spawning, but it weakens them inside the field (lowering damage and max hp)

    D) Angled Atlas : (major firepower on site that, when activated, draws a lot of husk attention, but if successfully defended it deals 50% of max hp damage to boss.)

    E) Illusionist : (more of a nuisance, but makes a lot of fake husks that pop when damaged, and deal 1 damage per hit. If the illusionist is successfully killed (unlikely since it hides itself, similar to a stealth cache/bot) increases damage boss receives by 20%)

    F) Blu Glo Gun : A (horribly inefficient, according to Ray) weapon that fires with every 5 blu glo deposited, each shot doing about 10% of the boss's health in damage. After first firing, guns must be defended from husks.

    TLDR: This Randomized element should keep boss battles fresh longer.


    Any other thoughts or comments are extremely welcome. We don't claim to know what's best for this game, but we feel this might add some needed spice to the PVE experience.
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    You know I was just lookign at these bosses again and I realized that the skitters would be a framerate nightmare if you rendered them all. Then it hit me... Why not make them like traps/building tiles?? Basically it will randomly spawn a piece of building geometry if none is available horizontally (or vertically if it's a terrain barrier), These allow it to spread more uniformly across the map, even with caverns and valleys in terrain. But imagine, instead of a spike trap, it's an animation of a bunch of skittering little things, a health bar representing how long until it expands into a nearby tile! You can break these tiles (GO-GO PICKAXE AND HARVESTING POWER!) to slow them down since they have to rebuild them to start forming on that tile, but it won't work forever. You can also clear them with launchers and artillery, then use the tiles they've built to cross gaps! Stepping on skitter tiles with skitters present hurts and slows though so you wouldn't want to risk running across a bridge while it's occupied... maybe if it was short and you had full shields or something. And I figure if you are clearing a path to a nest, full skitter tiles will try to "flood" into nearby tiles, cutting their population on that tile in half.

    Does that make some sense?

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    See?! Even THAT is better than what they've got right now with mini bosses. A single big baddie that complicates (but doesn't necessarily ruin) a mission by adding a looming threat sounds awesome! Elemental breath, meaning it has greater effectiveness against certain building pieces sounds super cool. You learn not to use wood since it's a fire breath and does (slightly) more damage! Telegraph the attacks, and folks will learn how to respond. THEN they can consider trying to take it down, shooting it as it engages you from time to time. Otherwise they can hunker down and just try to tough it out until the mission ends.

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    Originally posted by Aeonra View Post
    Much better ideas than the current mini bosses. I really dislike the current mini bosses and I really do not know why people were asking for that. The current mini bosses are a pain and I really dislike those missions, since the bosses are just bullet sponges. Also they are super boring to fight and they can ruin a complete mission when people get disconnected or face those abominations of lag. Also the loot/reward is not worth the trouble. I rather do other missions than those mini boss missions, especially when I have to choose from storm missions with mini boss.

    Yeah, seconded. I'd love to hear what the thinking is around the future of PVE in fortnite over at Epic games. I hate feeling like we're trashing all the hard work they've done when there is still so much wonderful potential here.

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    These ideas are great, but I'd settle for a dragon.

    Maybe thirty feet long, breathes its element (wide area damage to structures and players), swoops back and forth if nothing blocks its path.

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    Much better ideas than the current mini bosses. I really dislike the current mini bosses and I really do not know why people were asking for that. The current mini bosses are a pain and I really dislike those missions, since the bosses are just bullet sponges. Also they are super boring to fight and they can ruin a complete mission when people get disconnected or face those abominations of lag. Also the loot/reward is not worth the trouble. I rather do other missions than those mini boss missions, especially when I have to choose from storm missions with mini boss.

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    YES! Thank you!
    I was just about to make a new thread about the bullet sponges and that it's boring but this says it all. I'm surprised no one has commented on this. I would like to have that sky eye mission with the Malfunctionuing storm shield! Climbing a tower to kill the boss, but having to hide every couple minutes from a death wave?! How cool is that!! I used a randomizer I've got and it also gave me: 7 - F So if it's totally randomized I'd be fighting a Crusher with access to the blu-glo guns... cool idea IMO!

    I dunno. Maybe it'd be good to be able to pick which boss you fight at least. Or maybe set them in tiers so you at least sorta know what you're getting into. You should prolly get an artist to draw some of these.

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