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Player and Issue neglect


Player and Issue neglect

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    Player and Issue neglect

    I spend a lot of time in your chat room offering advice helping new players answering any questions I can based from my experience in this game to help improve the community and improve the knowledge of its players but the overall frustration from the vast majority of us comes from the amount of money we have spent to play this game in hopes getting a mythic hero. Many of us have purchased this game two or more times spending hundreds of dollars in what we feel is a broken loot system and many of us are starting to feel like the loot llamas are a dishonest way for you to capitalize on those who have dedicated this as their primary game. The odds of getting a Mythic hero from loot llamas is worse than then hitting it big in a legitimate casino. This game has capitalized primarily off of those llamas and we the gamers who have invested into them are seeing Little to nothing in return. How is it I have spent roughly $300 or more I've still not received a mythic hero yet instead I lose my legendary transformation cards when simply trying to use a survivor transformation card. So not only have I thrown money in the garbage but now the game is stealing items that've I've unlocked from me. And judging by the numerous post on the issue of theft nothing has been done to fix the problem or compensate those who have lost these items. I understand those who have had their backpack and storage deleted were compensated based off of Time spent in the game but where is our compensation? You the developers should know better than anybody the amount of time it takes to get to Canny storm shield five which is right around the area that you receive legendary hero transformation cards. Where is our compensation? And why is this issue going neglected. As I said Ive spent a lot of time in the chat room I've created over hundred new friends just in the last month I've spoken with many of them in voice chat party rooms and nearly all of them have said the very same thing we are giving this game a couple of months if the issues are not resolved we are moving on and those who have had the transformation card issue feel cheated out of their time and effort and find it dishonest that's these cards were stolen from us. Giving Vbucks out as compensation is like adding insult to injury. So once again epic I urge you please make this right.

    STW is just a cash grab plain and simple... RNG loot box progression is the problem, it's anti-consumer. The solution? Don't spend anymore REAL money on these rigged chances... For all we know the odds of getting any certain item changes on a day to day basis, there are no regulation on loot boxes...

    If Epic really cared for their players they would willingly disclose permanent odds on each item, but they won't bc they like manipulating the odds in their favor and only care about $$$.

    Noticed how they're offering special llamas everyday now? Imo this is a sign that regular 100-350 llama sales are down bc they really are a rip off. But as new players come in they'll be manipulated into buying just like the rest of us were...
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      If you search Transformation Card in the forums you will see numerous posts on this issue, but where is Epics response? No where to be found... Ignore your customers and they won't stay customers for long Epic....


        Welcome to Early Access. You do realize that trying to 'earn' a mythic hero is like trying to win a car in the lottery? There's no guarantees in loot boxes, something you should be aware of by now.
        "Just a little something in times of need." - RaY


          the whole point of this post isn't the broken loot system, it is the glitch from using a rare survivor transformation card and it consuming a legendary transformation card....


            Originally posted by Thenoid View Post
            the whole point of this post isn't the broken loot system, it is the glitch from using a rare survivor transformation card and it consuming a legendary transformation card....
            Then why mention the other? Seeing some paragraphing would be nice too. My point holds though, it's Early Access which pretty much gives them all the time in the world to handle issues. Not happy with it? Ask for a refund. That'll show em rite where it hurts.
            "Just a little something in times of need." - RaY


              K, have you had a legendary transformation card stolen from you when you were using a rare? if not then please move on to another post.. If you have then you understand this issue.. Instead of coming at me try reading about this issue before you post. thank


                I've opened a thread about this issue too some weeks ago, still no response. EG is totally deaf to that issue.


                  Mythic Hero's have a high drop rate from Super Hero llama's
                  Upgrade Llama's are pure trash never buy them.


                    At the end of the day no one put a gun to your head and forced you to spend hundreds of dollars on llamas. Thats kinda your problem. As for loosing a legendary transformation card that kinda sucks but its an early access game and **** happens! something you should of thought about before spending hundreds of dollars on llamas or you could of just waited till it comes out of early access and goes ftp.. Dont mean to sound like an *** just telling it how it is.

                    I want a mythic hero as much as the next guy especially that mega base kyle. Give me give me . But they're not essential for end game zones. so i just play the game and hope one day i get him! If i dont,i dont! No big deal. Doing perfectly fine with my current heros
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                      Has anyone actually pursued getting a full refund if so please contact me. Additionally here's some of my 2 cents on the OP's statements.

                      The llama's are a needed evil in order for them to succeed as a company. It (llamas) cant give paid for stats (such as singular heroes/weapon/etc) since that makes it even more P2W than it can appear. I find it remarkable that EG is still pursuing bundling regular llamas instead of just offering more new schematics/hero missions in the core game. The biggest dilemma is balancing how to make money and provide a meaningful/obtainable way to get items. They have a great idea with the seasonal currency and event store so that you no longer should be looking to just pay for llamas.

                      However the Neglect portion follows below, if you care to read it i'm throwing in MY viewpoint.

                      I have been playing Fortnite PVE since August and have truly enjoyed the game's potential as an IP. Currently PL75 and have played lvl100 maps seeing their difficulty. I personally think they made a truly GOOD niche game. Smash zombies, big open maps, crafting/construction, and shocking difficulty curves. Its honestly been the most refreshing game i have played in many years by being such a good blend of many titles and stuff i enjoy in a game.

                      The neglect I see is to the founders who came in early, bought this game as a new PVE experience( as it was displayed and sold as) just to see it trashed for PVP. inb4 (stop h8ting on pvp git gud). The neglect is all the polish BR is getting for the FREE portion of the game that the early Founders had to PAY FULL COST isn't. As a founder it hurts seeing the game in this state. Long que's for empty leveling zones. Features not being reciprocated to people with the FULL game, but PVP gets. The events they throw are fun, but the longer each event lasts the more I suspect they have long events to make up for an under-developed main story, lack of proper staffing on PVE side, or the worst of all is that they think they dont need story in PVE as long as they can buy time 30-40 days at a time between any core story arcs take place with events to squeeze more vbucks for a shiny schem/hero that can already be filled by what players currently have access to for minimal impact in match.

                      I'm aware most of us have had varying degrees of glitches, Below is a few i experience daily/recurring;

                      -Audio seems to spike at so many random moments i have had to lower my game sounds and remove my headset just to save my ears on certain portions. lifeleech on enemy missions I just avoid since anytime a enemy strikes with that modifier my game causes a large spiked whipping sound anytime their lifeleech activates (aka every hit them make on a player)

                      -Map delay/lag is occurring more and more for the last few weeks and still nothing has been done. So much so a player joining the map causes total map lag among other unknown triggers. This has led to a few times either running off map/losing objective/death in game.

                      -Incomplete story for 50% of the game as well as a grind with no value attached to the end. After plankerton the story just ends and you will be doing missions until you unlock lvl100 maps so you can farm current final tier mats. No boss, no final PVE experience that makes becoming stronger feel rewarding, and not even a new mission type for high end players only to make getting to it worth the journey. just the same mission types since PL1 just with modifiers to the map. Considering how long PVE has been out the story should've been the first thing focused on since thats' the CORE game. Other than rockets/server missions there's nothing that makes the main quest line interesting from just being online and playing a map. When i.bought into the founders and started there was a cool world with things going on and a mystery around vindertech, a scientist. Now its a daily routine to farm evolution stuff with no real interest in the world. which when put in blunt terms makes finding that no matter how strong you are its still only cat3's and radars. It can almost make someone ask why bother.

                      -Guns emptying entire clips of not registered hit ammo (as in no bullets fire, but ammo is consumed)

                      -Loss of SSD bases

                      -No crouch, strange pvp can get a simple useful ability that PVE who paid for their guns to crouch with cant even use

                      -no varying dance/emotes/voiceovers All the heroes voices sounds exactly the same based on gender and class.

                      -No skins for PVE (which is weird because they have shown that 2/3 events carry the same loadouts as the original cast of heroes only with a new face on the EXACT loadout) PS halloween heroes didnt even get visual upgrades as they went up to lvl 30 like everyother hero in the game.

                      -Mobs in walls or pits still hitting you/objective


                        some of you are only Reading part of the point I was making and that is simply this - when you unlock something in a Game such as weapons clothing etc. Those items are mine I paid for a limited use license so I can use them any way I want as long as I am following the user agreement. So when a game gives you those items they are not considered a gift from the company because they are considered part of that limited use license so whether it be a glitch from the company or they manually just take them back it's actually theft on their behalf they are denying me the right to access the material that I have paid for is considered theft. Their company/ their bug has denied me the right to use or access those items with in the rules and regulations that I agreed to in Their user agreement. Many game makers over the years have been sued for this very thing. Even if those items were misused they can't just take the law to their own hands and take it back without the approval of that license holder basically possession is 9/10 of law I was in possession and now I'm not. Now I know this was not an intentional act and I'm not getting Sue crazy I'm just simply stating the basic laws involving licensed material.

                        This is where my anger sets inf . The user agreement doesn't just apply to the users it applies to everybody that uses a licensed copy and the Company doesn't have the right to take something back with out proving in a court of law that the license was maliciously used to defame hurt another individual but this does not give the company the right to take it back that decision can only be made by a judge.

                        No I'm not getting Sue crazy I am simply just stating the basic laws on simple license agreements and I'm not saying this was a deliberate thing but the user is still protected by the license agreement which means they have to reimburse me in some way for said item at the current market value if there isn't a market value then a judge must determine the value of said losses. The other thing user agreements do not hold up in every single state across America and many require that agreement to abide by that states law because most states across America don't share the same laws so that user agreement only legally stands in the state that it was written in.

                        So what it boils down to if I buy something from a specific store that store does not have the right to show up at my house and unwillingly take it back from me without my consent I didn't consent to this video game taking something from me that was part of what I purchased otherwise I am entitled to a full refund and compensation for my time.

                        This is why I am here, I am simply asking for a replacement which I am legally entitled to.


                          This is exactly why those who lost their inventory were given a bunch of Vbucks because they were compensated based off of their time and value of their inventory..


                            Just as any fyi, don't throw around phrases like "legally entitled to" unless you know what you are talking about. You aren't legally entitled to anything in this situation. And saying you are in a way that makes you sound cool actually makes you sound silly to anyone who knows the law...


                              I do know what I'm talking about. Digital rights... You should take some time to go read about them.