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    Hero "Support \ Tactical

    To understand what I mean we need a reference.

    Currently because of how the game is balanced Headshot damage reigns supreme. It is the Go To Damage for all types. Since headshot do not apply crits but actually their own damage type. Headshots can also benefit from overall crit damage.

    That comes down to the issue.
    Urban Assault Head Hunter is the best Support Hero and other Heros pale in comprison or make no sense.

    Makes No Sense Category

    "Master Gernaider" for some reason Gives assault weapon damage of 24%. You would think a name like Gernaider it would buff grenades.
    I recommend instead - Reduces Cooldown of grenades by 1 second per kill by grenade.

    Plasma Sentinel -> Repair Rate Increase
    Should instead be Plasma Pulse triggers every 3rd hit.

    Kinetic Guardian -> Increase Hammer Damage
    I recommend instead it being -> 5% of hardware damage converted to shields every 3rd hit

    Shock Trooper Increases Ammo Capacity
    I recommend instead -> Increases Fire Rate by 1% for every kill.

    Hotfixer Reduces construction cost 10%
    I suggest instead Repair rate increased by 25%

    Not Useful Category.

    While Megabase increases construction speeds by 12%
    I recommend instead -> Increase building health by 25%

    Support Specialist -> Reload speed 20%
    Abilities recharge 25% faster
    Survivalist 14% damage resistance
    On Reloading for 3 seconds you do 3% Life leech per kill.
    Phase Scout -> Movement speed 6%
    Two Extra Phase Charges

    Trailblazer - increase movement speed on player built floors ( There rarely is a time when you have a large amount of "player built floors"
    Instead -> Movement speed increases by 0.5% for every 1% of Stamina you are missing. So less Stamina the faster you run.
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    Your numbers for their original stats seem to be tier 1-2 not their highest value (Outside of Master Grenadier, I assume you have her and used the others numbers out of the collection book). I only point this out since your replacement is so large in comparison, or simply replaces an existing support slot with a tactical slot. This would give us an even more limited supply of support slots to choose from.

    Hotfixer is one of the best Constructor supports outside of Knox, and is even a solid support slot choice if you want to play any class with a Constructor buff to support the team. Changing him to increasing repair rate would make him useless.

    Megabase Kyle is already one of the best Constructors and has a unique tactical slot, he also doesn't really need a buff as 24% build speed is already pretty good.

    Phase Scouts currently already has a tactical adding a second would be op. (Now that I think about it this could apply to a lot of items on the list)


      Originally posted by Nico-Smallfangs View Post
      Hotfixer is one of the best Constructor supports outside of Knox, and is even a solid support slot choice if you want to play any class with a Constructor buff to support the team. Changing him to increasing repair rate would make him useless.
      What are you talking about Hotfixer simply reduces building costs 10% at tier 3 is more useful than a 25% Repair rate speed buff?
      In what world? Yay I can make T3 at 54 materials instead of 60. Super Useful. Or as you like to say, "Solid"
      I am gusesing your definition is about as solid as Gas.

      Being able to Repair faster means you are far less likely to Lose a T3 Wall. So you may end up using 6 WHOLE resources more per wall. But in the long run you end up not end up losing the 54 resources because you can't repair the wall fast enough.

      All the suggestions are about replacing existing - not adding a second.
      I am guessing if you couldn't figure that much out - it would explain why you would think the changes are "useless".

      The changes not only will actually match the Heroes name so it actually makes sense logically. ( Extremely Important )
      It would give a reason to actually use them compared to some which are extremely superior compared to others.

      For example currently there is no reason to use anything but Urban Head Hunter if you are a some one who uses Assault Rifle.
      The Basic damage buff on Headshots will give you exponentially more damage than any other option.


        Why throw insults around or be condescending? Did you want feedback or not?

        If you're doing well on defense you are very unlikely to have to repair too much (on most of my missions in Canny we still at max maybe lose one teir 3 wall against a miniboss), and if you add his 10% to a Constructors 10% you now have a 20% buff which is significant in that you aren't bankrupting yourself to build the fort. I specifically stated a use for it in my response saying it basically gives any hero a Constructor buff.

        Several of these replace existing support bonuses with tactical bonuses, even on heros who already have a tactical bonus. If replacing the existing tactical bonus is the goal why not have it on the list for comparison instead of their support bonus?

        Why is this important? (It's never bothered me)

        Perhaps as someone who uses an assault rifle you want a support bonus that gives you utility because that's your playstyle? Why does everything need to be who has the highest dps?


          I personally like most supports/tacticals and don't really care much for what each hero gives (Master Grenadier boosting assault rifles isn't all that problematic in my opinion), the ones I "dislike" are the ones that are repeated, both Centurion and Shock Trooper increase ammo capacity, and both BASE and Enforcer give extra shield. This is a bigger "problem" for BASE and Enforcer, because BASE completely outclasses Enforcer in the support slot as it gives more health and shield. I think it would be better if Enforcer had something else instead of shielded, something like increased damage with spears or extra crit damage or crit chance with spears (to say something). It would also be nice if either Centurion or Shock Trooper had another perk instead of extra ammo capacity so that they can be a bit more different between themselves.
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            Your Master Grenadier suggestion is flawed in my opinion. I only have one copy of her. She is the only hero where grenades are part of my Plan A. Right now she is my main but I do mix it up so sometimes use other soldiers. Getting the extra Assault Rifle damage is awesome when using someone else with an AR plan A.

            Because I only have 1 copy I cant have her in the main spot and a perk slot as well.

            I do agree that some perks are not useful.

            I would prefer load out slots before changing anything else though so I can switch between perks easier.

            Manually switching it up is a pain as is managing expeditions along with dailies lol.