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I would like a refund


I would like a refund

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    Originally posted by The_Last_Paragon View Post

    Say you ran a Movie Theatre.
    I bought ticket and food.
    I decided after watching 3 movies in your Movie Theater that you don't seem to be doing anything worth while at the threater.

    Will you refund me for all the ticket money I spent watching movies + food I bought at your theater?
    imagine you loved pain and humiliation , would you let me call you names while punching you in the face.

    or imagine if you ran a restaurant and i spent a little over 1700 hours there enjoying the entire menu , would you let me leave uncharged? because warframe has

    an online game does not equal a movie theater or a restaurant , its an online game! the rules do not transfer

    though to be fair i do get your point and agree i to feel i actually got enough hours of entertainment to justify my outlay, but i dont think thats the cause of the op , myself and i think a lot of people around here feeling frustrated and disappointed.

    its the lies , the betrayal the lack of delivery on promises, we had the chance at something truly unique and actually fun here but it got flushed when they caught a whiff of the pubg gravy train.


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      Originally posted by [EPIC] Magyst View Post

      This is definitely not the case. We're currently working on improving the QOL / adding improvements for STW players. Development continues and this has no impact from the BR side. Updates have definitely been slower, I agree, but we have a ton of great things coming for Fortnite Save The World.
      Please... We need some information on CV and TP. The way Darren spoke in the #13 dev update it sounds like you guys have talked a lot about it amongst yourselves but havent worked on anything. Please provide us with details for the state of development in regards to CV and TP. From Darren "We have an idea for the way we would like the story to go for canney valley and twine peaks.... but right now we are working on content that affects the entire player base." This was quite disappointing to me.

      What are the reasons events are such a high priority? What are your plans/goals with events? How do events fit into the core game? Right now I feel like events are a secondary sort of 'special feature' outside of the core game and that development of events is slowing down development of the core game.

      Answers to these questions/requests would certainly clear up a lot of my angst. I'm sure there are many others who are in the same boat as me.

      Thanks for your time,

      *edit* Just wanted to add that I do enjoy events but I feel their development is secondary to the core game.
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