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A Fans Ideas (Was going to put in feedback but forum wouldn't load)


A Fans Ideas (Was going to put in feedback but forum wouldn't load)

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    A Fans Ideas (Was going to put in feedback but forum wouldn't load)

    First off, I just wanted to start by letting you know that I am in love with your game.
    It's by far one of the best video game experiences I have had in a long time and am excited for it
    to grow and see what else awaits me further in the game. I have played for over a month now of PvE
    and honestly it saved me from what seemed like a dark era in games for this current time period.
    This being said I wanted to give out some ideas that I personally thought would enrich the experience
    for not only me but others who are also in love with the game.

    Homebase Ideas -

    Farms and Mines -

    So I have beaten 10/10 on my stonewood homebase storm shield missions and at this point in time there is
    literally nothing there for me anymore. So I have brainstormed a few ideas that I thought may make it worth revisiting
    my old fortress. Farms and mines, not only a reward for completing all of the SSD missions but also a way to collect resources
    from the area without having to replay missions that yield no experience. You can grow crops that give things such as
    bacon, nuts and bolts, or any other resource that players may often need. The mine can have silver nodes and perhaps low level
    search items that had resources in them as well. There are plenty of things we can gain from this so your homebase per map
    doesn't become just a ghost town.

    Golden Pick -

    So, I have put around 9000+ of each resource into my home base. This being said, I have had to redo a lot of my defence to ensure it
    was working properly with trial and error. Destroying player built structures in your own base shouldn't be a hassle. So I offer you
    the golden pick! Only the home base owner gets this (wouldn't recommend giving it to players even if they are given building permissions).
    Unsure the easy way to impliment but I would suggest a 2 hit destroy any player built structure. If you wanted to make it 1 hit, I would suggest
    a way players could customize it based on their comforbility with the dangers of swinging around an instant death pickaxe at their base. 2 hits
    just seems the perfect balance in my own opinion and would have made building my base significantly easier.

    Minecarts -

    So another idea after thinking about farms and mines, was if the base becomes big enough to hold all of this after your 10th SSD mission. It will end
    up becoming very annoying to have to walk back and forth around everywhere. So what could make this easier. The idea came to me after playing my first
    bomb mission where you have to build a pathway for a minecart to go from point A to point B then defend. So why not give players the option of building
    tracks and placing a minecraft you can either jump in or click to ride to get around their own home base (or build roller coasters)? Also side note to this,
    I have been trying to build a fun ride along with the jump pads and have severe trouble duplicating results. Perhaps have your direction depending to how you jump
    on it and not where you're facing (Don't feel this would effect the use of them).


    Player Customization -

    Coloring Walls -

    So I am sure you guys have lots of plans when it comes to customizing. However for now, why not allow players to have a paintbrush tool where they can pick a color
    of the spectrum and can use it to reshade walls to the desired color. This would give players who love a pretty fort a chance to really get creative and have some fun.
    As well as make my home base super pink and cute! Also it would be cool to get certain patterns to add to the walls at some point as well.

    PvP - PvE Gear -

    So you guys are missing a great marketing strategy. I say this because I have seen some of the PvP gear that I can buy and have wanted it lol. However the idea of only
    getting to use it in PvP has stopped me knowing I am mainly into save the world. SO the easy fix, allow gear to be shared between the two game modes. Have a cool hero max
    level and looking super cool? Be able to use the skin in battle royal! Play battle royal and love the sick look of a dark knight, show those scrubs in save the world what
    a real hero looks like. I can understand there may be a hesitation with confusion to their class since they won't match, however I think the customization would be more
    enjoyed then knowing what they are. (Also that disco pick axe would go perfect with my recon scout)

    Actual Decor -

    If this were implimented I could see it being a lot of work with partial reward depending on how it was done. However the ability to have actual furniture and
    basically build an actual house. This could tie into the farms and mines where you could get sections you can place and each section gives a benefit and could cost
    materials to build. Such as planks (Since I drop at least 1,000 of them a week and would love some reason for them) and other materials. By sections I would mean you can
    place either a pre built kitchen here (can have Common - Legendary blueprints) and you could 1s a week collect bacon from the fridge or other materials from inside each room
    and would allow players a beautiful home at their home base.


    Game Modes -

    Summoners -

    So this was actually my girlfriends idea, however I thought it would be cool. Where either 1v1 or 2v2 or even 4v4 where players can build separate defenses and then summon hordes of husks to destroy the opposing enemies base. Perhaps limiting materials and traps players can build to avoid endless games that may become drawn out or boring.


    Unique Character Ideas -

    Omega Fists -

    So ill admit the idea for this is cause I use to play league and the character Vi was super fun to me. The design and everything around her was super fun and I was thinking of characters that could be unique and be fun so here it is.

    Omega fist can only hold 2 weapons, his/her pick axe will be her fists and can use them to gather resources or deal decent melee damage to husks. The idea is a melee bruiser with good area of effect abilities. With the idea of other classes having multiple supers (at least with outlander which is what I main). You can gain charges for your super by farming resources such as, after breaking 10 trees (can be more for balance) you gain a charge of tree sword (can have a significantly better name lol). So you can wield a tree as a giant bat and knock back large groups of husks for a limited time or a certain amount of swings. Rocks can give you a ranged boulder to throw that explodes and deals high damage where it lands.

    Regular abilities could be grab a husk and throw them, basically a flinger except on our side. Any other ideas I get for said class will update this section


    Huskmancer -

    Everyone loves being a necromancer, so why not be a huskmancer! The ability to summon legions of low level husks to combat and distract enemies or supers to summon the mist monsters to do a signature ability for you such as. A smasher barreling in a straight line knocking back and damaging everything in its path, laser face to act like a sentry firin meh lazor at everything nearby for a certain time period. Perhaps a defensive ability of causing all husks to not ignore the poor low hp/shield huskmancer thinking he is one of their own.


    Ranger -

    Once again may not be the easiest thing to pull off but could be interesting. Have the rangers first weapon always be a bow and arrow BUT, will get its damage/fire rate and certain abilities from the weapon in your first weapon slot such as. If you have a rocket, you fire explosive arrows. If you have a lmg, welcome to hardcore pray and spray. A sniper, high damage low fire rate arrows. Unsure if the programming for such a class would be worth it for the interesting take however could be fun.
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    There was too much negativity in the feedback forum epic shut it down.... I guess


      That’s depressing, I’ve found some companies take constructive feed back seriously. Just complaining doesn’t solve anything. It’s better to give the solution that would fix the issue.


        First piece of evidence I’ve found that the feedback forum isn’t just an issue for myself. Some good ideas though


          Originally posted by mista-spooner View Post
          First piece of evidence I’ve found that the feedback forum isn’t just an issue for myself. Some good ideas though
          I can't access any of the forums.

          As for the OP, some of it I like, some of it has been suggested in the past, and some of it I can live without.

          But the "favorites" is something you can already do. If you go under evolution on a card one of the options is Favorite and provides exactly what you're looking for. Well it doesn't have it's own little tab but everything you set to favorite is moved to the top of the screen regardless of sorting.


            Edited it to add some character ideas (may not be for everyone but i'm just posting ideas I could see myself enjoying personally)

            Also thank you for letting me know, I had no idea and have been playing for a small bit.


              So I love the gold pick axe idea that’s awesome but another idea is a way to customize a limit to materials in the game. It’s a hassle to continually have to go in and get rid of 15 stacks of plank wood or simple parts. A customized way to do this to block the excess stuff you don’t want would be nice.
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                Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure this does get in the right section, and I didn’t know people were having problems posting on the forums. If you’ve been having some of these problems please send me a forum message or comment here so I can work on sorting that out.
                The buck stops here.


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