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    -a map where players (10-15 or more) can connect at the same time.
    -a map where everyone can socialize
    -more mission(hub related)
    -10x10 building area (players house).
    >can decorate and more
    >2 modes and you can switch it.
    1. Main building (auto save)
    2. Temporary (reset when switching)
    - Trading supplies cause being alone and lonely grinding is bad.(usually makes a player quits)

    *Good for building event and sharing ideas like traps and more. Plus dummies to try the traps.

    Knuckle (weapon)

    -new weapon
    -its cool
    -who doesn’t like to ????????punch the smasher?

    PvP (when humanity’s population reach 50%) after fighting the storm for a 100 ys

    -Guild was created
    -Resources start getting low
    -The storm is weak but its there
    -Who knows what will happen next cause now that everyone doesn’t share the same goal as savings the world and survival from storm.

    *Elite battle between hero class and Guilds!!! J
    *Fight with the hero you want and show them your skill!!
    *Zombie-like being would make it more interesting!!!!

    Animals(same idea and more ????)

    -During an expedition you found a Doggo in distress and help the Dog(or other animal)
    -Long ago before storm animals start disappearing and no one knows where did they go.
    -This doggo will help you in your journey
    -but realized some did not survive the storm ☔️ and become your enemy....????☹️????????

    •Gameplay Video
    -making a video and saving it.
    -video mode
    1. Your character !
    2. Free and follow mode(cameraman?)

    Thank you for reading who ever you are:

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    Idea #2

    Boss Battle
    - Colossal mist monster will respawn somewhere and will notice players(10-15X) in the lobby then will teleport in the map if they accept!!!
    - Team work is the answer on defeating the monster
    - Boss lvl 10, 20, 30, and more

    Game mode (point A to point B)
    - Going to another region requires players to do a speed run game.
    - Mist monster and zombies(alot) will chase you.
    - all you need to do is to reach the end.
    - Shooting and building will make you finish the game.


      Sounds fun, I'd play that.


        Idea #3

        Back to the past

        -new story line.
        -new mission.
        -right after the storm started.
        -when technology start to bloom!
        -how the 2% population survive.
        -more game mode.

        *If you have any idea about the game, dont be shy or afraid to comment.


          Idea #4

          skin (see this idea alot)

          -pickaxe skin
          -hero skin
          -ability skin
          -building skin (ex. Valentines day theme)

          parachute game mode
          *literary in the storm flying.
          *thanks to the wind you keep on floating.

          - restore the damage weather balloon.
          - flying Mist monster will attack you
          - and also shoot you down ☠️????
          - most important, (flying) llama loot to hit!!! In the cloud.



            Idea #5

            weapon (extra)

            -can change mode
            1. Can shoot buildings (but no loot for you)
            2. Can not shoot buildings (natural pve mode)

            Bonus level event??

            -its raining llama!!!
            -or raining loot

            Troll > Taker > Devourer (Boss Mist monster!!)

            - troll take blueglu to get stronger
            ​​​​​​- then become the Taker!!
            - then the boss! “Devourer”
            1. Can summon 3-5 Takers
            2. Can teleport alot besides you
            3. Wait, also 5x bigger (Taker)
            4. Cause fear to the heroes (when it screams)
            > you will run away for 4 sec (you dont have control)
            5. The more survivors in the boss means more HP


              Idea #6

              New heroes!!

              Robots (the survivor)
              * Rusted and forgotten
              * Hundreds of robots are deployed around the to fight storm but overwhelmed but mist monster!
              * The storm also make some of them self conscious and decided to live and survive...

              - Infinite energy/stamina.
              - awesome skills (use imagination lol)
              - weak against mist monster due to storm.

              Cyborgs (daredevils!)
              *when robots cant actually fight the storm, some survivors volunteer to conduct a painful experiment.

              -strong, good stamina and explosive skills.
              > using strong skill would actually stun you in place for 5 sec.
              -looks cool and awesome.


                Idea #7

                Weak point

                - make most missions easy
                ​​​​​​- make the game interesting
                - zombie like monster weak point will be the head.
                - Mist monster weak would be somewhere

                Stormionary (fight the storm for dummies)

                - a dictionary about all the enemies
                - that give information about:
                1. Weak point
                ​​​​​​ 2. What do they do?
                3. What do they usually attack
                ​​​​​​ 4. How much Hp.
                5. Bio about zombies and mist monsters
                6. Abilities
                - automatically show the weakness once during the fight



                  something about being a survivor mode
                  you play as the survivor
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                    some about dual weapon


                      I like lots of these ideas


                        Idea #8

                        Boss monster/mini boss monster (extra)

                        - Players will control the boss (more like pvp)
                        - the longer the monster lives, the more exp and rewards the player(the one controlling) can get
                        - more challenging.

                        just putting idea in one post so its easier to find and no duplicates (hopefully)
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                          Tall dog confirm!!! (Love letter story)

                          will update for any future update clue maybe as I progress in love month event