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Fixes needed for "Play with others"


Fixes needed for "Play with others"

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  • Fixes needed for "Play with others"

    One major thing that needs fixing is finder for players. Especially for storm shield defense missions. I'm sure a lot of us hate having no one show up to help with them. It seems the only option is getting people on your friend's list to get them there but that feels like a real hassle. How can we fix this search to get people to show for SSD?

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    SSD's have three major draw backs...

    1. Players are at the mercy of the owner... a poorly laid out defense usually means a massive expenditure of resources on my part be it ammo, weapons, or even replacement walls. I don't want to burn through 5k bullets, 10 RPGs, and 2k raw materials because that just means I need to spend 30 minutes restocking afterwards.

    2. Rewards, the rewards for these are for the most part a waste of time. Sure you get hero xp, the only reason that's a redeeming quality is because they made it so scarce every where else in the game and you need so much of it. Mini llamas need an open now option, let me click once and skip the entire "whoopie do here's 2 greys and 400xp!"

    3. Events... if I'm helping on a SSD I'm not getting credit towards any of the nonstop kill 500 husks 18 times limited time only events. This really isn't an area that can be fixed directly but it illustrates how fractured the community is by the current systems.

    One of the better suggestions I've seen regarding this issue, is to let us choose a reward package. XP & manuals, evolution materials, or 50 vbucks. Put mini llama's in the mix of bonus rewards from normal missions.